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Welcome to 2015 with Words that Shine.  As February makes its presence known some of those determined New Year resolutions may fade deep into the recesses of memory.  Some resolutions simply disappear overnight after they have come face to face with their reality, while others can completely change the face of your purpose.

One of my own New Year resolutions is to swim in the ocean more often. A refreshing touch of nature to carry me through the day. You have guessed it, New Year’s Day, January 1st flew by so did the 2nd and the 3rd still nothing happened but on the 4th I finally made a start and swam early morning in the ocean. It is now January 30th and I have swum 24 days out of the 30.  I am pretty jolly happy with this because normally I would have only had about 3 or 4 swims. I feel fantastically alive and energised giving me huge positive benefits to all aspects or facets of my day to day living.

This brings me to the main topic for this month’s blog, a look at the many facets to one’s life. You all hear the phrases about facing up to things or not being able to face something or about face and so on. The word facet comes with many variances and interestingly the word face is the main stay in facet as shown in these examples below.

Some meanings for the word FACET from
1. One of the small, polished plane surfaces of a cut gem.
2. A similar surface cut on a fragment of rock by the action of water windblown sand, etc.
3. Aspect; phase: They carefully examined every facet of the argument.
4. Architecture. Any of the faces of a column cut in a polygonal form.
5. Zoology. One of the corneal lenses of a compound arthropod eye.
6. Anatomy. A small, smooth, flat area on a hard surface, especially on a bone.
7. Dentistry. A small, highly burnished area, usually on the enamel surface of a tooth, produced by abrasion between opposing teeth in chewing.

Roof at Information Centre, Botanical Gardens, Cairns, Nth Qld

This photo is of an amazing building in Cairns. It was taken looking directly above me from where I sat. It shows many different angles and the subtle differences of each reflected scene. Nearly 6 months ago we were in Cairns and we had walked their famous ‘Red Arrow and Blue Arrow’ walk 6.6kms that took us 3.5 hours. The Blue Arrow section was steep and rough and labeĺed only for the fit. When we finished we sat exhausted having lunch at the new Visitors Centre in the Botanical Gardens. I looked up to see exactly this and pondered how our lives are uniquely multifaceted.

Visitors Centre, Botanical Gardens, Cairns.  This is one awesome structure. Before you go anywhere I suggest exploring the whole architectural experience of sheer brilliance by clicking on the Visitors Centre links. Be sure to feel and discover every facet of this incredibly unique way of blending a manmade structure with nature.  Visitors Centre, Botanical Gardens, Cairns.

 I believe you can learn a lot about the many different areas of your life and how they inter relate to each other. Words that Shine  uses a multifaceted approach to ordinary everyday aspects of life to highlight life’s amazing qualities. I encourage you to apply a similar multifaceted approach to your own lives and work towards the alignment of each facet to help support and energise the other.

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