Your life is a keyboard

Come inside into the keyboard of life. I put it to you that your life is a keyboard and your keyboard is your life.

In the course of your day you may communicate via a keyboard on your computer, phone, tablet or some other device.  Your keyboard lives and breathes your thoughts, your vibrations, your intellect, your emotions, your pleasures, your work, your recreation, your social interaction.

The keyboard tells you much about your life – yes right at your fingertips. Have you ever really looked at your keyboard? It is an extension of who you are. So let’s have a look.

  • The letters – create your words and sentences for your communications.
  • The numerals – figures for banking and accounting and collecting data.
  • The enter key-  You enter into many things like a building, a relationship, a conversation,
  • Back Space – How often do you need to back track or retreat for sanity
  • Alternate – Different approaches for same challenges.
  • Delete – When we want something to go away this sure does help.
  • Arrow keys – Gives you room to move in any direction you choose
  • Control key – Sometimes you just have to take control of what is to move forward
  • Shift key –  Maybe a shift in speed faster or slower, maybe up or down
  • Cap Locks – when you want to shout with excitement or  sheer frustration
  • Home key – It is nice to have somewhere to call home
  • Insert key – When you need that something extra in your life
  • And three keys together Del, Alt, Ctrl – when the muck of life happens  you clean up and start again
  • Finally your fingers – nothing beats the physical touch of someone who cares.

Take all the care in the world and use this touch wisely to build and enhance.

The Words that Shine challenge for this month is to live the life of your keyboard. Interact with others to complete the circuit of living. Do it  with passion but don’t forget if infiltrated with virus or bug cleanse immediately with ctrl alt del. Reboot and reset your life’s defaults. The world is your keyboard.


Living life with passion

(C) Jenny Horn JLH all rights reserved 2015.

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