Your future is the sum of all your todays

In the 2 previous posts I have discussed aspects of time. Firstly we looked at “letting go any fears of your past” that may have been shaping what you are today and your future. Secondly we discussed the present and how it interacts with your past and future and how to “keep alive your moments”.

20161024_104625_001Today I am introducing the next sequence of time and that is your future. I put to you this statement. “Your future is the sum of all your todays.” Everything you do and yes I mean everything you do today has a direct bearing on your future. Sayings come to mind like “we are what we eat”. We see people with heavy workloads developing physical or mental scarring.  On the other scale we see people who excuse themselves from many activities in life. Following the fundamental need to belong we align ourselves in life to our cause. Some have a need to be needy and others want to feel needed, both of which can be quite addictive. And of course there are many in between.

For those of you who are not on social media this next paragraph may or may not relate to you.  I am using the social media phenomena to help illustrate the way you view your priorities today is how you develop your future.

Social media is a brilliant arena full of immense information, misinformation, positivity and negativity. This provides a reckoning of self-perpetual importance to the posting portfolios of all who dare to partake. The practice of sharing on social media is truly fascinating. It is the careful art of the not shared as well as the shared that is intrinsic to the individual. The response to this realm depends largely on where the fulcrum is positioned from the instigated picture stimuli, the said word and the not said word.

To get back to our statement for this month “Your future is the sum of all your todays.”  For many people social media is about keeping in touch with others who live at distance which is so great. It is a question of having a healthy balance.  Are you staying in the moment with those close to you? Like all other aspects of life it is all about balance. Sometimes it is the thin threads of wholesome personal contact that provides your future today.

The Words that Shine challenge for this month is to study all your daily activities and ask yourself are they conducive to what you want for your future today. Take a stance even if it is only a thin thread of positive communication and make that personal contact special.


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Your future is the sum of all your todays — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks Jen I agree
    To me social media fills a gap the churches did- to be family to those without much good family.
    But also for those with something to spread – ideas products or services to spread those
    It is normal to want to share our good parts of life with someone and some people don’t have that. So it’s quite good for them
    Possibly too good friends can form from the social media – although more rare than common it is a point of getting close to people gradually.
    But I truly have to agree it makes us more superficial at times than real. So complex 🙂

    • Yes Terry you are right and as is often said there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. Social media like any platform of self expression can be both wonderful or detrimental and sometimes both at the same time. Great comments Terry thank you.

  2. Dear Jenny,
    I followed your post through as i often do, and how nice to see you presumably with one of your grandchildren, lovely photo and wonderful to see. Social media is too intense for me so I only write occasionally here.
    I hope you are all well and your posts certainly indicate that, your incredible social psychology attribute.
    G. from Vic

    • So great to hear from G.from Vic yes I know you follow my posts. Thank you for your wonderful insight into my articles. I endeavour to keep the posts open enough for readers to draw conclusions that relate to their own circumstances. Again thank you for sharing I am sure there is someone else out there that also relates totally to what you have said.

  3. Thanks Jenny for thought-jogging words that shine.
    I like the part about real threads of human communicative relations VS long distance pix and chat.
    I deactivated my FB page 2 months ago and I feel so free, non competing, light and independent since doing it.
    My 13 year old friend asked me why deactivate and why not just limit my time on FB! I answered that I was getting too too involved in it –visiting FB five times a day and they were not real friends anyway.
    The wholesome human nurturing in RL was missing for sure.
    A real friend isnt on FB but has spoken on the phone to me, knows my birthdate by heart and has even had a cuppa at my place, met me at work or chatted on a park bench with me. The others are voyeurs haha or really long distance communicators on other continents.
    I am not missing much I conclude.
    In doing this deactivation I make space for wholesome creativity to take place and it has. What I am now Being in a aware state each moment is forming my path to growth in a conscious way.
    Keep smiling Jenny!

    • Thanks Sim yes great input. In someway I couldn’t agree more. I deactivated mine for 3 months earlier this year. And it was great to get back to what was real, loving and meaningful.
      If we manage ourpriorities wisely we take ownership of who we are.

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