Your core insight will bring your goals to reality

Welcome to the Christmas season with Words that Shine a special time of giving and receiving.

The Words that Shine Christmas experience encapsulates the beauty of nature’s teachings. Both thought provoking and uplifting, once again given to me on my early morning walk along the beach.  I stopped, mid stride, totally entranced by the sheer beauty. Clouds with scalloped edges of silver and gold like an embossed invitation. The tantalising fingers of crepuscular rays extended their warmth deep inside me as if drawing my goals into reality.

Mesmerised I found myself repeating the old saying ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ and that was just the start. I remembered in contrast a recent storm of dark swirling clouds. My mind was absorbed with the clouds and their primary purpose to intensify water vapour and create rain.  I also thought of their peripheral advantages and disadvantages. As I related them to my own goals it prompted me to ask myself a series of questions. I discovered that my own answers were very revealing.

Take a moment and think of particular circumstances and goals that you are currently working with and ask yourself these questions

      • What is the public reason for that goal? – That is – the reason you tell the world – write it down
      • What are the personal reasons? – the ones you tell you close friends. How we rationalise what we are doing.
      • What are the private reasons? – the ones you only admit to yourself. Yes list all the reasons you can think of.

Now that we have the public, the personal and the private reasons taken care of – lift them up and out of the way.

This brings us to the deep core reason that you dont even know you have or want to admit to. Sit quietly and let yourself go deep into your core, really deep and see what appears. This is the real reason you are doing what you are doing.

This is your core insight and will bring your goal to reality.

The Words that Shine experience hopes you have gained some valuable core insights to help bring your goals to reality.

Living life with passion

(C) Jenny Horn JLH all rights reserved 2013


Your core insight will bring your goals to reality — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Season’s Greetings and Thank you for this post! I found it at the most Divine Time. A time when I have needed (and still need)to address the inner voice and this was just the perfect help.

    With Thanks,

    • Thanks Stefanie,
      Great this was a great help – I knew it was deep when idea and writing was taking shape – I knew then that it was meant to be. So good to get that confirmation Stef and even better that it went to where it was needed.
      love Jenny

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