Your best puzzle yet.

Here is an amazing puzzle that takes a life time of experience to complete. A warning before you study this puzzle, it will be different for each of you. If you are ready to indulge your senses in the puzzle’s mysteries read on and enjoy. I hope you do well.

A jigsaw puzzle can simply be used to fill in time. However it also stimulates your sense of vision, coordination and observation along with some lateral thinking and the testing of your patience,

Your life is a jigsaw that is both extraordinary and unique. It is your own personal jigsaw to complete and no one else can do it for you. You have the pieces and what you do with them is up to you.  I am using the analogy of the jigsaw puzzle to give a simple yet effective demonstration of how your internal and external environments impact on your ultimate life’s picture.

I hope the Words that Shine puzzle analogy has given a little clarity on any incomplete pictures you may have. The challenge for this month is for you to pull up a chair and figuratively speaking look at the shapes of your mind pictures, turn them over to reveal the full colourful image. Are you drifting like the jelly fish? Do you have a solid foundation? What picture puzzle are you currently building? What guidelines and framework are you using to achieve your ultimate picture?  Can you change your intended picture? If so what would you change it to?

Building on the previous blogs of  ‘The Living Envelope‘ and ‘The quality of your questions‘ create yourself a magnificent mind map for you to live into the picture of your creation.

Living life with passion

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Your best puzzle yet. — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting piece Jen life poses a puzzle most days. In personal times and employment my job causes and creates puzzles and problems at every twist and turn during the day most of wich I solve on my own. Sometimes I need assistance with my personal life however differs greatly I lost most of the pieces in my puzzle late last year and consequently lost my way but I’m slowly finding my way again the puzzle pieces I’m still trying to find the rest of them maybe I never will but I know it was once all there .

    • Thank you Tony for your heart felt and honest comments. Nursing your wife right through her horrendous illness would have been like a living nightmare. It is good to remember that whilst Chris’s journey is done you are still very much on yours. The pieces of your puzzle are not lost they may have changed shape and picture and all you need to do is to reach inside yourself and you will find the next piece of your puzzle. Just be open to the opportunities and your life’s picture will unfold.

  2. Yep Jenny the question I ask is pivotal to the taking a path in life isn’t it?!
    Its a mysterious puzzle that unfolds before my eyes. I like the analogy of jigsaw puzzles.
    Every week there’s a new question for me and a quest. I do embrace the trip.

    • Hi Sim, your perception and understanding of the concepts I put forward each month is always so refreshing and encouraging.
      Thank you

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