You must let go the fears of the past

About a month ago on a flight from Darwin to Sydney I watched an inflight inspirational documentary movie “The Will to Fly” about Lydia Lassia the Olympic aerial skier. Wow! One particular statement that really resonated with me was from Lydia’s coach.

 “You must let the fears of the past go before you achieve the success of your future.”
Yes we have heard it all before. Things like ‘draw a line in the sand’ or ‘build a bridge’ or ‘get over it’ are all wonderful clichés of what we should do next. However often it is easy to say but much harder to do. Working as a dental assistant I have witnessed many patients come to the surgery scared because they had one bad experience maybe 20yrs ago. How sad to give so much power to one bad experience. Although I must admit at times I have also succumbed to this powerful influence.

Everyday is a new beginning.

Everyday is a new beginning.

So how do you overcome the power of the past?  Yes your past is your life’s canvas so farand that is exactly it, it is the past. The dawning of every new day brings many new ideas and opportunities and it is your canvas to claim. Every day is a new beginning, with time to reflect on yesterday, time to feel the joy of peace and greet your day with clarity and strength. This is your empowerment, claim it, create it and conquer it.

The Words that shine experience this year has been building on each message for you to use.

Remember you must let the fears of the past go before you achieve the success of your future. The Words that Shine challenge for this month is to identify your fears of the past, face them and create a new and exciting experience to uplift you into a whole new realm of success. I urge you to fully utilise every possible Words that Shine message to help you create the life you so deserve.

Living Life with Passion

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You must let go the fears of the past — 12 Comments

  1. Hello Jenny— how are you & Dave? Hope all is well.I don’t have fears that absorb me but my mother did. Of flying. All because she flew to Melbourne in 1940 and when they landed one engine had stopped. She didn’t entertain the idea of flying ever again.That was until she was gravely ill at the age of 82 and was flown from the country to hospital in Adelaide. She was not only in a small plane (The FDS), she thought it was great! What a shame that she and dad missed so many opportunities to visit other countries (inluding relatives in NZ) just because of mum’s fear of flying. M xx

    • Hi Maxine fabulous to hear from you. What an amazing story about your Mum. So often people miss out on so much because of fear. At least she did eventually fly again. Thank you Maxine for sharing. I know there are others out there that will relate so much to that.
      David and I are well. David retires in October so a bit more travel will be had. Love to you and Kevin.

  2. To let go of your fears from the past you must have a reason or need, fear of failure in many things from past situations may haunt many individuals for their entire life, what they have to learn is is to turn their fears (negatives) into positive, nothing can be built on a negative. My personal life has been full of fears (negatives) but I’ve learnt to turn them around into something of use not only to me but for my freinds work mates and others whom I encounter along the way. I work in the construction industry in a very demanding position and can’t let my past interrupt my present, for not only my well being but for others around me. My fears of the past will always be with me but what I do with them is another part of the puzzle. Thank you for being you Jenny

    • Wow Tony you write straight from the heart and as a true Aussie you call a spade a spade. I am so glad you could see so much in this article. Your resolve to give to many others in a positive way is brilliant. Good on you and the world is a better place for having you walk upon this earth. It is I who should thank you Tony. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Hello Jen Such a great reminder thank you and written in inspiring way as always …and also to let go of fears of the future is another one too perhaps? Our conditioning of ….if you do x then y will happen and if you don’t do w then z will happen. So the aim is to move to love rather than fear. Such interesting balance in life. Also which fears are healthy and motivating and which ones are killing us and chaining us down. Keep awesome :-))

    • Hi Terry great comments and thoughts from you. I value your input hugely as you add more dimensions to our thought process. Yes there are healthy fears that keep you safe. Also the fears of the future are so often related to past as well. It is all so complex and intertwined. I just hope by raising the possibilities it helps provide more awareness. Thanks again Terry

      • It sure does Jen,
        By raising the possibilities. Because we are literally chained by our past conditioning. We usually do not question that and we use that operating system for our future. We are loaded with conditioned responses. Many of those conditioned responses are there to help us- they were installed by our society. Family friends peers educators but many many of them are bs. They actually are opposite to spiritually living. So what you are doing Jen is giving focus to that process that operates behind our every day is extremely important.
        🙂 Blessings

        • Thank you Terry you have described it all perfectly. Yes I think it is good question the status quo not to disrespect it but to look at in a different light and ask is it supportive of a positive encouraging life.
          Thanks again Terry.

  4. Thanks Jenny How do we let go of the past? As you say sometimes easier said than done!
    Live Love and Laugh with confidence.

    • Hello Margaret It is so great to hear from you. Yes letting go of past fears is huge and everyone needs to find what works for them. For me it is being thankful for all of my life including the challenges and by approaching similar scenarios with an uplifting positive energy. I find once I face the challenge it frees and lifts all my energy.
      Yes as you said live love and laugh with confidence

  5. Jenny many thanks!
    That’s so useful to be reminded about my mental conditioning and lingering fears that cramp my style.
    Youre so right to remind me that with the help of hatha yoga, breathing awareness and leaning on human potential studies i can turn a grisled negative life into a joyous one by a focus on positive mental attitude.
    Thanks for reminding me that I can be more creative with the use of my rational mind ( so that its less irrational) and more of a useful tool to me, like my intuitive mind is, Jenny.

    • Great work Sim yes you have a tremendous ability to lift through your yoga well done.
      I remember a long time ago a lady told me I was always lucky and it was then I realised it was how like you Sim that I lift myself to create something even more precious.

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