Determination, Faith, and a willingness to learn equals exhilaration!!!!!! adventure caving!!

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  • Determination, faith and willingness to learn

Determination alone will not bring success but when combined with faith and the willingness to learn,  we will succeed. I say  this with the  understanding that determination and faith  mean many things to many people.

Now I am not suggesting that everyone should go adventure caving like David and I did.  But I do suggest  that If we are prepared to look at our comfort zone and are happy with where we are at, then that is absolutely perfect.  However  I thoroughly urge those of us who dare to dream to accept the challenge of  the dream and make it possible.

  • Adventure caving

As demonstrated  in the photos below David and I did indeed step out in faith and totally out of our comfort zone.  We did adventure caving at the beautiful Ngilgi Caves near Yallingup in the south western corner of Western Australia. We were about 45metres underground and the adventure took just under 4hrs to complete. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.

There were 4 of us plus the guide.  (Two older teenage boys – I think 17yrs – us two mature ones 49 and 58 and Leslie the guide in her late 20s) – btw (I was the 49) 🙂

The really interesting thing that I found in doing the caving was how it highlighted the differences within the group. Our different physiques, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, attitude  etc  made for some great team work as we had to rely on each other to get through.

The difficult sections were named for obvious reasons ‘pinch gut, double squeeze and squeeze’.

We needed  to squeeze,  bend, push, pull,  and stretch in order to reach the next section of cave. Our trust totally in a guide we had only just met.

We needed to go  backwards, downwards, upwards and sideways, sometimes all at the same time.  Often pausing  to reassess method and route and all the time keeping in mind the purpose of the final goal which was not only to get out of there alive but to experience the exhilaration of the achievement.  Just to let you know we were both way out of our comfort zone. Although we didn’t really feel  the exhilaration while exploring, which was probably due to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, when  we finally got to looked at our photos –  oh my gosh – did we really do that? !!!!! 🙂

  • The challenge

So here is a possible challenge for the week.  Check out your life and acknowledge what is good.Then assess whether or not there is more to do – and if I may be so bold as to say –“ If you are alive there is always more to do”.

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© photos and story Jenny Horn JLH 03/07/2012

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