Who is Responsible?

This month, Words that Shine tackles the question of who is responsible? Or who is accountable?

The words responsibility and accountability usually pertain to control, blame and duty. For legal, moral and ethical issues they help define wrong or right behaviour.  This picture below of many steps leading to the Courthouse gives a great example of our walk with accountability and responsibility.

Steps of accountability Courthouse Cooma NSW

Judgement and justice come from the hands of time. Responsibility and accountability is a life sentence.

Responsibility                     Accountability     

Who?                                  Who?
Why?                                  Why?
When?                                When?
What?                                 What?
Where?                               Where?
How?                                  How?


The world stage brings issues of  political correctness, global climate change, cultural and religious views, gender equality and society’s expectations.

 David approaching the Courthouse Cooma, NSW

At a personal level where do your responsibilities lie? Who is responsible for your own wellbeing?

What about your health and fitness, your actions, thoughts, emotions also your spiritual welfare?Lifestyle, finances, family, friends, work and the wider community all form the path and steps of your responsibility and accountability.

Your life is your responsibility, take control and own it. Serve your accountability with honour and courage. What a privilege it is to leave your footprint in this world.

Through Words that Shine I encourage you to lift your head high and step up to your life’s sentence of responsibility and accountability. Love it and live it with vigour and honour.

Living life with passion
Love Jenny

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Who is Responsible? — 5 Comments

  1. In regards to Sim’s comments I agree that some people’s frontal lobes haven’t developed! But I don’t think that is where you are coming from. In this world today, no one wants to be responsible for their own actions—it is always someone else’s fault. When I was at the medical clinic—we had a responsibility to post out reminders to women to have their pap smears—what ever happened to remembering and being responsible for yourself? It took someone all day to do this—never mind the cost of post. And then there are those who blame their anti-social behaviour on their intoxication. Well, blow me down— it was their choice to get themselves in that state— own up to the consequences. But that is the problem in a lot of cases today—there are no consequences. Courts are lenient and there is no deterrent. Who is responsible? Not me they all said!!

  2. I also have had positive feedback from Mark who works with ADHD children. He said this is exactly what he teaches the children about responsibility and accountability and consequences of their behaviours. He said well done on the blog.

  3. Hello Sim, Thank you for sharing some interesting facts and yes I totally support the need of others to have understanding of those not capable of reconciling their behaviours with responsibility and accountability however I do believe that on many different levels that the most people can and should accept their task of responsible and accountable behaviours and while it is up to us protect those who cannot speak or understand for themselves I advocate the huge need for people to step up and be responsible.

  4. Thanks for sharing these focus words that shine Jenny. You are generous to let us into your world of discovery and perception. I am fortunate to be able to “own” my path in life.
    After Australia’s national mental health week has passed i hope many more people realise in life that there are fortunate adults and not so fortunate ones who can own their actions.
    Accountable and responsible are often about whether the frontal and prefrontal cortex of ones brain has had the chance to develop.
    There are fortunate folks who can plan ahead, see the consequences of their actions and then learn and who can wait into the future for rewards of planning because their frontal lobes have had the fortune to develop wholly.
    If their brain development has been diverted and thwarted by substance use, trauma, torture physical or emotional then this stuff called responsibility is just a word.
    Lets please keep this in mind when dealing with others in general that not everyone is actually able to use an adult functioning mind with all its wonders of planning, honesty, self knowing and ability to wait for rewards.
    Lets exercise patience with others who are struggling with patience and calm because I swear we are all doing our very best with what we have.
    If we can function with a developed adult brain then let’s be grateful every moment of this day, carpe diem.
    Sim livian
    Adult & child educator

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