When we strip away our labels we reveal our natural beauty

Welcome to beauty revealed.

This month Words that Shine asks the important questions – How do we identify who we are? How do we judge our worthiness? What are we meant to achieve with our life? Are we the person we are meant to be? Are we rushing through life with labels given to us by both ourselves and society? Do we hide behind these labels?

We might ask ourself – What labels? What identifiers? –  In fact everything we do is labelled and that is neither a good or a bad thing. This is not about judgement, it is not up to us to judge either ourselves or others, it is about being who we are meant to be within our own realm of time.

To give some ideas of labels or identifiers here are a collection for us to ponder. As we read I encourage us and yes myself included, to think which areas we automatically relate. Starting with the family unit then sports or hobbies, professional jobs, tradespersons jobs, unemployed, disabled people, religions, politics, entrepeneurs and so on. What identifying labels do we associate with as being placed on us or we place on others. mmm. Food for thought isnt it.

When we strip away our labels we reveal our natural beauty

Once again I have turned to wonderful mother nature to help provide us with a picture lesson.

How we identify who we are can challenge us in many aspects of life. It will influence how we portray ourselves to ourselves and to the world.

I hope the Words that Shine experience has challenged you to recognise your labelling and the way you identify who and what you are. To encourage you to look inside yourself and discover the healthy flowing river of pure essense.

Living life with passion

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