When our dream is strong we learn to negotiate our hurdles.

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I sit at the table in my family room typing away while the wind and rain rage outside. The wind is howling and the rain is almost horizontal. The rain gauge is showing that 105 mm has fallen in the last 10 hours. I am thankful for the security of my comfortable and dry home.  I give thought to the people who have been flooded then clean up, only to be flooded again and on each occasion they gain valuable knowledge to prepare for future such events.

My mind turns to those who have endured a bad experience, for example – as a Dental Assistant I have heard many stories from patients who have had ONE bad experience at the dentist and have allowed that to ruin their visits for their entire life – and yet others who put that experience behind them and move on. What is the difference?

Unfortunately many people often colour their perceptions of these earlier events to create hurdles in their minds too big for them to scale.

But when our dream is strong we learn to negotiate our hurdles. 

  • Have you ever watched a young toddler learning to walk? How many times do they plop down only to get up again, sometimes crying with the painful falls but then later giggling their way to success. 
  • Or learning to ride a bike, the wobbling, the crashes, the thrill of balance? 
  • Remember our first attempt at driving, then our first solo drive.

I have paused in writing this to watch a programme on TV about the earthquakes in Christchurch NZ.   Christchurch was the home town of my husband David. The horrendous loss and sadness that was  followed by the incredible resilience of the human spirit was inspirational. The immense pain endured in the face of  these tragedies and the resulting heightened awareness can in time bring valuable inspiration for all to hold dear.

Many factors play important roles in finding the good out of something bad such as our personalities, societies pressures, abilities, attitude, understanding and higher ideals to name a few.  There are those who are frozen in their fear and others who manage to find the good, work through the challenge and develop  a greater heightened awareness.

The photos below show what ended up being relatively minor wounds but a split second or an inch either way would have spelt disaster. Deciding not to focus on the what if but  instead with an increased awareness   David continued the enjoyment of riding.

The good thing that came out of these couple of bike incidents is that the drivers of both vehicles and David are much more aware of the blind spots that can occur. In the case of the first photo David was on a cycle track but was hidden by a brick wall.  In the second photo David came out of shadow within a roundabout and was in the blind spot of the large mirror of an 8 tonne truck that hit him.

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    • Hi Belinda, I get great pleasure out of doing the blogs and it is gives me even greater pleasure knowing you enjoy it. – Thank you – love Jenny

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