What is your Ulysses Blue?

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What is your Ulysses Blue?   
What is your Ulysses Brown?

Have you seen the magnificent Ulysses Butterfly? I have and it is absolutely stunning. I stood in the tropical green rainforest with my breath paused, watching a Ulysses Butterfly in action. Its wings were beating the frenetic routine of an orchestral ballet. The intense flashes of iridescent blue penetrating every part of my core being. I was totally captivated with the swirls and twirls, dips and flips, flutters and pirouettes. The Ulysses landed gently on the green foliage instantly closing its wings exposing the deep wood coloured underside. It could now rest camouflaged. The brown underside being as beautiful as the iridescent blue seen in flight.

In awe of this magnificent sight I found myself drawing parallels with our own lives. I realised how everyone has different strengths which play important roles in shaping their lives.

Some strengths shine for the world to see, these I call The Ulysses Blue. Such strengths are well acknowledged and may relate to family, professions, sports, social environment, community and so on.  They are harvested by both yourself and by those around you.

However be careful because these strengths are as delicate as the Ulysses Butterfly which only lives for about 2 weeks as the frenetic fluttering wears out its wings. Your strengths can also be destroyed by overharvesting, overworking or by over zealousness of yourself and others. There may also be those who seek to pull you down in order to make themselves shine.

So here enters your quiet strengths, these I call The Ulysses Brown. Your inner core strengths connect, protect and lift. They may not be flamboyant in your life but they are the most important strengths that you can develop. They hold you firm when all has collapsed around you. They nourish and nurture you. They create a beauty within and they give you purpose.

What are you Ulysses Blue strengths?
What are your Ulysses Brown strengths?

Words that Shine encourages you to pause in your busy lives to consider and acknowledge each of your strengths and use them to enrich your purpose in this world.

Living life with passion
Love Jenny

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