*What are the turbines that drive our thoughts and emotions into actions?*

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This week lets look at the power of the wind and the way we have harnessed such a powerful force.

For years we have used windmills for pumping water or for flour mills and in recent years with the development of the wind turbine we have concentrated our efforts on using it to create electricity.

Love them or hate them wind turbines have the capacity to generate immense power.

A wind turbine is geared so that it harnesses the wind but has a control that allows it to turn at a set number of revolutions even when the wind is much stronger – a safety mechanism.

Our thoughts and emotions like the wind we cannot see, but we sure do feel the effects.

Imagine this –

  • Our thoughts are the air pressures 
  • Our emotions are the wind currents
  • Our minds and bodies are the turbines
  •  Our actions are the generated power
  •  Our results an incredible life’s journey.


  • If left unchecked the power of thoughts and emotions can sheer off even the strongest turbine.
  • We must adjust our parameters in accordance with improved technology and changes in life.
  • We should monitor our controls diligently and set the variances according to our parameters.  
  • Be prepared to work with the changes in life and relationships to stimulate and procure new growth.

LIFE OF ABUNDANCE IS OUR LIFE – whether it is positive or negative

Did you know that we don’t get to choose an abundant life because everyone gets an abundant life – BUT we do get to choose the type of abundance and that comes from what we cultivate with our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Did you know our thoughts and emotions are a renewable energy?

The Words that Shine Experience challenge for the week is;

  • Check what is abundant in our current life and is it what we want  
  • If not then put in action ways to change it.
  • And most of all, harness our own power to generate the life of abundance we deserve.

Living life with passion


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