We need to start before we can finish

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It is another beautiful and wonderful weekend – and I was thinking is it a weak end or a strong beginning – (yes a play on words) with Saturday being the last day and Sunday the first day of the week. Does the way we view the weekend affect our psyche and our routines?

Although most of the business and commercial world have the cycle of Monday to Friday, there are many industries and businesses that operate seven days a week such as farming, health care, essential services etc. Yet all have created tailored routines to suit the individual needs of the consumer, the supplier the employers and employees.

On a personal level this also affects what we do, when we do it and the way we do it. So maybe we need to finish before we start. Let’s think about it. Sometimes the finish of one thing is the start of something else. Especially when we are changing things within our lives.

A couple of sayings I have used over the years are – “how do you run a marathon? – one step at a time” and “how do you eat an elelphant? – one bite at a time.”  And just recently I said to a friend “little mouse steps”. I read a book a few years ago called ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson – It is a story of 2 mice and they didnt realise or didnt want to acknowledge that their cheese supply was dwindling and then it was gone – the story describes how each little mouse coped with the change and what they did and didnt do. I have used the analogies in this story so many times. A great little book and I recommend not only reading this book but using the principles from it.

The point here is that first you have to stop before you make a start and there can be many false starts  where things get washed away – but then you start again again and again until one day you will succeed to the finish you set out to achieve.

We all know the poem “Footprints” and that it signifies that God is with you and carries you through the hard times – My series of photos below also reiterate the presence of God in all we do in this wonderful world.

We need to start before we can finish

The Words that Shine challenge for this month is to make a stand and stop the rot. Then with little mouse steps start a combined walk to create the finish you need to achieve.

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