Upside down-Downside up

Welcome to yet another quote from Jenny’s whacky collection.

Does anyone else have the tendency to look at the opposite point of view or is just another one of my quirky Jennyisms? Actually on second thoughts don’t answer that… 🙂

Sometimes when things are not quite as they should be, I take a step back to turn things totally upside down or bottomside up.  Then believe it or not they make more sense and I can deal with the challenge with acknowledgement.

  •  Upside down may very well be Downside up. (C) Jenny Horn JLH 2012

Twelve months ago I didn’t know the first thing about a website – I still have lots to learn. I wanted to create a genuine and thoughtful blog to help bring depth, understanding and humour to circumstances that happen in life.

When I first created this website my biggest question was:

Q. What do I write about?.

A.  Life is the greatest teacher of the most amazing concepts.

This abstract concept upside down may very well be bottomside up  has helped me produce blogs with a WOW factor for both you and myself.  Then the interaction via your generous comments creates even more depth and purpose to the blog.

When you read and contemplate my weekly quotes you become a very important part  of the ‘Words that Shine’ experience.

As a special celebration I am having a THANK YOU  sale

Below are some crazy upside down and downside up pics – Maybe we look better that way 🙂

Everything looks so much better now 🙂 🙂 🙂

As a special celebration I am having a THANK YOU  sale

Enjoy yourWords that Shine’ experience

love Jenny

(C) Jenny Horn JLH all rights reserved 09/08/2012

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