*The Surroundings of our paths shape our journey.*

Hello to another spectacular week and may Words that Shine help shape the path to your goals.

This week’s phrase to ponder is ‘The surroundings of our paths shape our Journey’.

Next time you are out for a walk take note of where your path takes you and what the surrounding areas are like. You may notice that the path weaves, climbs, descends and sometimes almost doubles back on itself.

How do the surroundings affect your inner self? Do they make you happy, sad, uneasy, excited, tired, or motivate you to higher levels?

Often the surroundings of the path you take shape your goals or shape the route and subsequently the method in which you achieve your goals.  So when you look ahead make sure you take in what is on your side or against it. It is then you can make decisions to ensure you are heading towards you desired destination. And by being the best you can be along the way you can enhance your surroundings as you go.

Below is just a small sample of the many walking tracks David and I ventured on as we journeyed around Australia.

The challenge for us this week is to evaluate our paths and their shapes and to access if they hindering or helping us towards our intended future goals.

Enjoy your walk with the Words that Shine Experience


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*The Surroundings of our paths shape our journey.* — 1 Comment

  1. Gooday Jenny. One of the things we talked about at bible study this week was taking the opportunity to take time to just reflect. I went to the Hunter Valley vineyards today. I enjoyed the surroundings, the order of things, how the rows of grapevines are set out to a pattern to maximize the use of the land. How the workers go about their business. And do i have to say what beautiful weather. All in all a good day to reflect.

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