The pause shines to bring powerful focus.

My gosh it is already October – where did the year go? How many times do we hear this? We race through the years afraid to pause in case we miss something. Except it is the reverse that is true, we miss things because the rush is on.

Pause to reflect and allow your light to shine

Pause to reflect and allow your light to shine

I recently joined Toastmasters to gain experience in public speaking and have become very well acquainted with ‘THE PAUSE.’ When used appropriately it is an amazingly affective tool. I am referring to the art of speaking and listening. Deafening silence is not a pause of quality. However to refrain from speaking until engaging the brain and heart, is to pause and speak with purpose. This enhances the power of thought, giving rise to positive emotions that produce powerful influences in both ourselves and those around us.

The pause is used in many areas of life. The starter of a race holds the entrants in a pause whether it be swimming, athletics, motor sports or cycling and so on – A pause with focus before the extreme burst of energy.

 Mother nature provides well with her pauses such as the calm before the storm or the subtle change between the ebb and flow of the tides or the changing of the seasons. Have you ever watched a cat or lion stalk its prey, or a bird in flight before diving on its prey?

The pause can give us time to reflect, time to recoil, time to focus, time to change direction, time to heal and time to shine.

I encourage us through the Words that Shine experience to embrace the brilliance of the pause.

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The pause shines to bring powerful focus. — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Jenny. Once again your amazing photo speaks to me. I have just taken a “pause” for myself. I just spent a week away at Caloundra with two of my girlfriends. For me it was a time to pause and think and get my head straight away from the hustle and bustle of family life. While you experienced a magnificent sunrise our unit faced out to the west and each night I would sit on the balcany and just soak up the beauty of the sunset. It was a time for me to reflect and be grateful for my life’s experiences. Gena P.

    • Hi Gena,
      Fantastic – I am pleased you got away for some ‘Pause’ time – it is so vital for our well being 🙂 I dont plan my ideas they just come to me and they sit for a little while, then I know when it is time to write. It never ceases to amaze me how often there is someone who is inspired exactly when it is needed.

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