The Liquorice effect

The liquorice effect is how I describe the amazingly beautiful black and white effect that sometimes happens when looking towards the sun. The reason I call it the liquorice effect is multi fold.

  • Firstly  the black and grey silhouettes have amazing beauty
  • Secondly the liquorice root medicinal properties as explained in Herb wisdom support the natural healing of many ailments helping with inflammation, the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system and more.
  • Thirdly an abstract approach of emotional wellbeing, which is where I will concentrate.
    • Solitude without distractions of peripheral colour gives focus on goals.
    • The light source gives clear brilliance.
    • Looking directly into the light can blind you to some of the possibilities and challenges
    • But used wisely the liquorice effect has calming benefits to soothe and settle before the fullness of clarity and colour.

Words that Shine challenges you to allow the liquorice effect to soothe and calm your mind, body and spirit. Then move into the colour of the day with clear brilliance of the special you.

Living life with passion

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