– Be in your own rainbow.

Welcome to the lights from Words that Shine.

Be in your own rainbow, a full spectrum of colour in all you do. Your moods, your abilities, your attitudes, your sincerity, your integrity, your purpose, your honesty and YOURSELF.

When life is good it is easy to be the rainbow but when life lets you down and people just   aren’t as they seem and you struggle with spirit and you struggle with self and you struggle with just …. life, your rainbow seems so far away. You chase and chase it and it is so allusive and you want to give up. But it is then and only then that you reach inside yourself and find you have your rainbow – it  has been with you all the time. Continue reading

Upside down-Downside up

Welcome to yet another quote from Jenny’s whacky collection.

Does anyone else have the tendency to look at the opposite point of view or is just another one of my quirky Jennyisms? Actually on second thoughts don’t answer that… 🙂

Sometimes when things are not quite as they should be, I take a step back to turn things totally upside down or bottomside up.  Then believe it or not they make more sense and I can deal with the challenge with acknowledgement. Continue reading

A friend can be your foe and a foe your friend but you are both to yourself, it is up to you to decide.

Welcome to my quote of the week.

A friend can be your foe and a foe your friend but you are both to yourself, it is up to you to decide. (C) JLH 2012

Often we are surprised when friends/family/colleagues/etc sometimes for what ever reason turn away from us or turn against us. The reason may not even be related to our relationship with that person or persons but to coin a phrase we maybe the  ‘the bunny that wears it’. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately we are not privy to all that goes on in a person’s head or heart –  even our closest confidants. Continue reading

Our reflections are the combined elements of purpose.

Welcome to my weekly quote Our reflections are the combined elements of purpose. (C) JLH 2012

The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary states that to reflect is to throw back (heat, light, sound, image etc). Reproduce in the eye or mind. To meditate, go back in thought.

  • What do you see when you look at reflections?
  • What do others see when they look at reflections?
  • What distortions are there in reflections? Continue reading

Successfully navigating life’s many roads is the ultimate GPS package.

Welcome to this week’s quote

‘Successfully navigating life’s many roads is the ultimate GPS package’.  (C) JLH 

Our challenge this week is to look at how the roads we choose to travel shape our life.

Question – Is it the roads that shape us or is it us that choose the road of our shape?

I have chosen 19 photos from many photos of roads we have travelled in Australia to give some examples of how our lives are influenced by our decisions. Continue reading

When we find humour in our own misfortune we create an energy of light for others to see.

When we find humour in our own misfortune
we create an energy of light 
for others to see. (C) JLH

 Sometimes there is not much to smile about in the world
and I have promised myself to look for the good
wherever and whenever possible but not to undermine
the seriousness and sadness of those situations. Continue reading

Determination, Faith, and a willingness to learn equals exhilaration!!!!!! adventure caving!!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s blog.

  • Determination, faith and willingness to learn

Determination alone will not bring success but when combined with faith and the willingness to learn,  we will succeed. I say  this with the  understanding that determination and faith  mean many things to many people. Continue reading

To love with heart is art at its best

The heart To love with heart is art at its best
The symbol of love
Of two equal parts
Different but equal
For ALL relationships

© Jenny Horn JLH 12/06/2012 


To love with heart is art at its best.

The challenge for us this week is to contemplate this simple yet tremendously deep part of our lives.

 Have you ever looked up HEART and LOVE in the dictionary or Bible?  My dictionary ‘The Australian Concise Oxford’ gives a full column on both topics.  My Bible ‘The New King James’ has numerous messages on heart and love.

I am not going to quote any of these references.
My part is to introduce you to the concept.
Your part is to consider the possibilities.
…And this will complete the heart…

Love with heart

Building on last week’s quote ‘Choose your frame wisely’  We will all view this post from many varying points of view – this means there are no right or wrongs just our own perception of what is. I talk of heart and love from different angles and not just the mushy/romance and sex but the genuine day to day communications we have with each other.

The other day just for fun I was drawing shapes in the sand and I also drew a heart in the sand.  As I watched two waves sweep gently across it simultaneously with equal intent, I found myself in awe of this most wonderful enlightenment.

 The symbolic heart is perfectly symmetrical of 2 equal halves.

I was able to capture a short video of waves joining together and as I watched the turbulence of the water I could see the melding and blending, realising that individuals can still remain independent  having unique characteristics and quality. Relationships are not static, they are forever moving just like the water of the ocean – sometimes tranquil sometimes volatile, sometimes frenetic and sometimes slow.

During this short 40sec video clip consider  ‘What is my framing and am how am I using it?’

click on here –  Heart of enduring love

A loving heart comes in a multitude of different forms in all types of relationships – Parent and child, siblings, work colleagues, husband and wife, partners, mentor and student, professional and client and so on.

  •  In my humble opinion I find that the spiritual love is the most pure and deep of all.
  • The love of a parent has many different aspects, from gooey love to tough love and back again.
  • In economic terms – demand creates supply and supply creates demand
  •  In accounting terms – liabilities give to assets as assets give to liabilities
  • In teaching terms – as the mentor grows the student, the student grows the mentor
  • A couple’s love – like diamonds will reflect the moods of the home – several years ago David and I created a relationship recipe which is also featured on my ‘About’ page.

Relationship Recipe

Mix openness of touch and affection
Blend quality time, often spontaneous, sometimes planned
Add shared responsibilities, trust, forgiveness, support and respect
Top with constant communication, understanding and commitment to personal growth
Sprinkle with laughter
Wrap in spiritual and physical love

© 04/12/2004 Jenny Horn JLH

As nature demonstrates it is a very fine balancing act to ‘Love with Heart’.

These two Corellas are hanging by one leg                                         Two individual wreath flowers create
during their courtship.                                                                             their own special beauty.

Corellas courting Sth Alligator River, Kakadu NP Northern TerritoryTwo Wreath Leschenaultia flowers, along Tallering Station Rd, Pindar,Western Australia







I hope I have inspired you to consider ‘Love with Heart’
Please feel free place a comment and to share this with others.
love Jenny