Sometimes a mountain, sometimes a gap.

Words that Shine goes to Central Australia,

Central Australia is a landscape that is hot, dry and harsh. It is an environment of its own special beauty. Typical of desert climate it can be very hot during the day and the nights can also be very cold.

Before embarking on the journey of a working visitor to such a remote part of Australia I had a mountain of work to achieve or so I thought. One of my tasks as treasurer for the local Toastmasters club was to prepare an annual treasurer’s summary for the next business meeting.  I put it off and put it off and put it off. It was a mountain in my mind. Continue reading

Behind the smile.

Welcome to Words that Shine,

Sometimes fortunately or unfortunately things happen in life far beyond our control.

Have you ever felt that you or a loved one has been dealt a raw deal in life? Maybe it is a health issue, or financial, maybe a victim of abuse or robbery or an accident.

What about people’s behaviour such as when people do the complete opposite to what they say they are going to do. I must admit that one really does annoy me – or what about a business failing to order something or return a phone call or email.  Attitudes of apathy, deceit and non-accountability are all things that most of us find quite irritating. Continue reading

When we strip away our labels we reveal our natural beauty

Welcome to beauty revealed.

This month Words that Shine asks the important questions – How do we identify who we are? How do we judge our worthiness? What are we meant to achieve with our life? Are we the person we are meant to be? Are we rushing through life with labels given to us by both ourselves and society? Do we hide behind these labels?

We might ask ourself – What labels? What identifiers? –  In fact everything we do is labelled and that is neither a good or a bad thing. This is not about judgement, it is not up to us to judge either ourselves or others, it is about being who we are meant to be within our own realm of time. Continue reading

Life’s Continuous Force ‘The Dream Fountain’

Words that Shine welcomes you to the birth of the ‘Dream Fountain’. A Dream Fountain has a continuous flow to ensure a never ending stream of dreams to fulfil.

So what is a Dream Fountain? How does your Dream Fountain flow? What does a Dream Fountain achieve?

I suggest creating a  ‘Dream Fountain’. instead of a bucket list. A bucket list by inference is something you carry and endure before departing this physical world.  Continue reading

We need to start before we can finish

Hello awesome Words that Shine family

It is another beautiful and wonderful weekend – and I was thinking is it a weak end or a strong beginning – (yes a play on words) with Saturday being the last day and Sunday the first day of the week. Does the way we view the weekend affect our psyche and our routines?

Although most of the business and commercial world have the cycle of Monday to Friday, there are many industries and businesses that operate seven days a week such as farming, health care, essential services etc. Yet all have created tailored routines to suit the individual needs of the consumer, the supplier the employers and employees. Continue reading

Depth and clarity of our resolutions comes from our ability to go beyond the symptoms.

Welcome to year 2014 with Words that Shine,

The new year begins with us looking forward to the promise of fulfilment as our new year resolutions, for a brief moment, take centre stage.

Some of our new year resolutions will sweep us to new levels of committment and understanding taking us from strength to strength. Yet other resolutions only make the third week or worse they don’t even get started. What is the difference? What makes a good new year’s resolution and what makes us achieve it? The resolution may have been a good idea at the time but does it deal with  the main cause of the situation or just the symptoms? Continue reading

Your core insight will bring your goals to reality

Welcome to the Christmas season with Words that Shine a special time of giving and receiving.

The Words that Shine Christmas experience encapsulates the beauty of nature’s teachings. Both thought provoking and uplifting, once again given to me on my early morning walk along the beach.  I stopped, mid stride, totally entranced by the sheer beauty. Clouds with scalloped edges of silver and gold like an embossed invitation. The tantalising fingers of crepuscular rays extended their warmth deep inside me as if drawing my goals into reality. Continue reading

Open the door on belief and achieve far beyond the possible.

Welcome to the open door experience of Words that Shine.

When we open the door on belief we can achieve far beyond the possible.

Am I talking faith, mind, heart, emotion or thought? The answer lies in all of them and it is only when the door is open that we can then look beyond. Continue reading

How beautifully abstract is your life?

Welcome to Words that Shine

How beautifully abstract is your life? 

The word abstract is often used to describe various impressionistic artforms such as the naturally wind eroded sandstone in the photo below. The amazing blend of colours and contours brings a subtle appeal to the enquiring mind.

Abstract means to withdraw or separate from the practical object. However I suggest that this separation is still joined by the concept and the concept is connected through the disconnect. Continue reading