The Liquorice effect

The liquorice effect is how I describe the amazingly beautiful black and white effect that sometimes happens when looking towards the sun. The reason I call it the liquorice effect is multi fold.

  • Firstly  the black and grey silhouettes have amazing beauty
  • Secondly the liquorice root medicinal properties as explained in Herb wisdom support the natural healing of many ailments helping with inflammation, the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system and more.
  • Thirdly an abstract approach of emotional wellbeing, which is where I will concentrate.
    • Solitude without distractions of peripheral colour gives focus on goals.
    • The light source gives clear brilliance.
    • Looking directly into the light can blind you to some of the possibilities and challenges
    • But used wisely the liquorice effect has calming benefits to soothe and settle before the fullness of clarity and colour.

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Your life is a keyboard

Come inside into the keyboard of life. I put it to you that your life is a keyboard and your keyboard is your life.

In the course of your day you may communicate via a keyboard on your computer, phone, tablet or some other device.  Your keyboard lives and breathes your thoughts, your vibrations, your intellect, your emotions, your pleasures, your work, your recreation, your social interaction. Continue reading

Honour and Respect

Honour and Respect are two great words we often hear spoken especially on grand occasions, but what do they really mean? Have you considered the meanings and the logistics of these two words?

We are taught to respect elders, culture, religion, gender, laws, friends, colleagues, material assets, animals, planet earth and the list goes on. The imposed respect of governing laws and authority are a controlled obligation of necessity. Continue reading

Your multifaceted, architecturally designed life!

Welcome to 2015 with Words that Shine.  As February makes its presence known some of those determined New Year resolutions may fade deep into the recesses of memory.  Some resolutions simply disappear overnight after they have come face to face with their reality, while others can completely change the face of your purpose. Continue reading

Hanging in the balance

Words that Shine takes a look at life in the balance. This article gives a slightly different view of ‘hanging in the balance’ and challenges you to evaluate your core perceptions of what is the norm.

Equilibrium is the art of balancing all competing influences. It is not a stagnant vessel, but a flowing growing tree of balanced virtues. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, although disadvantages and advantages are often pursued by using leverage and positioning of the fulcrum. Sounds a bit technical doesn’t it. But it is really very simple. Continue reading

Who is Responsible?

This month, Words that Shine tackles the question of who is responsible? Or who is accountable?

The words responsibility and accountability usually pertain to control, blame and duty. For legal, moral and ethical issues they help define wrong or right behaviour.  This picture below of many steps leading to the Courthouse gives a great example of our walk with accountability and responsibility. Continue reading

What is your Ulysses Blue?

Words that Shine asks :-

What is your Ulysses Blue?   
What is your Ulysses Brown?

Have you seen the magnificent Ulysses Butterfly? I have and it is absolutely stunning. I stood in the tropical green rainforest with my breath paused, watching a Ulysses Butterfly in action. Its wings were beating the frenetic routine of an orchestral ballet. The intense flashes of iridescent blue penetrating every part of my core being. I was totally captivated with the swirls and twirls, dips and flips, flutters and pirouettes. The Ulysses landed gently on the green foliage instantly closing its wings exposing the deep wood coloured underside. It could now rest camouflaged. The brown underside being as beautiful as the iridescent blue seen in flight. Continue reading

How balanced are you?

Welcome to your balancing program with Words that Shine.

How balanced are you?

Wheel of life

Wheel of life

Have a look at this simple chart. The bigger wheel shows some important areas in our lives. Imagine each axis has numeric markings along it with 0 being the centre and 10 on the outer edge of the circle.  If you place a value on each axis of where you think you are in relation to each area of your life with 0 being poor and 10 being excellent, then draw a line connecting all the numbers what shape do you think your wheel of life would be? The less round it is, the more bumpy your life is bound to be. For a smoother ride a balanced round wheel would be ideal. Continue reading

Your filtering process is crucial to your success

Our blog this month gives you a chance to challenge the way you interpret your daily living.

Our word this month is filter used as a noun or as a verb – Filter comes from early 15c., from Old French filtre and directly from Medieval Latin filtrum “felt,” which was used to strain impurities from liquid.

Your filtering process is crucial in the success of your life’s purpose. Continue reading


Have you, like me, laughed at the antics of kittens or puppies as they pounce, chase, swat or bite at their own shadow.

You might have also jumped in fright at a nearby shadow only to laugh at your own folly when you realised it was just a shadow, raising doubts in your thoughts as those shadows lurk and cast their truths and untruths on what is imagined.

Life’s shadow puppetry begs the question – what is real and what is not? Continue reading