Welcome to the spirals of Words that Shine I was walking along the beach the other day and came across a huge spiral that someone had beautifully and diligently drawn in the sand. Although the tide had already washed part … Continue reading

* Give freely your most valuable gift of unconditional love*

Welcome to the festive season with Words that Shine. This Christmas, through the window of Words that Shine, I offer you the valuable gift of unconditional love. When  friendships or relationships or families focus on knowing that the level of … Continue reading

*From devastation to regeneration*

Hello and welcome to the Words that Shine experience. This week’s blog is hard hitting and  has been on my mind to do for quite a while. I hope the blog will give you the opportunity to explore the complex … Continue reading

If you could make a silhouette of your life what shape would it be?

Welcome to Words that Shine – this week I pose a question – a question which I hope will raise your curiosity and intrigue to have a fun look at your life’s shape. If you could make a silhouette of … Continue reading

*Your thoughts are the seeds for your tree of life*

Welcome to the seeding of thoughts from words that shine. What do you want your tree of life to be? Check your seed and visualise your tree The type of tree will depend on what you see … Continue reading

*Our Character is revealed when the passion slows.*

Welcome to an experience revealed from ‘Words that Shine.’ “Our character is revealed when the passion slows’ Our character is the core structure of our being. It holds us strong in the presence of our emotional fluidity. Character is our … Continue reading

*Success is the process of the moment*

Welcome to another fabulous time together sharing the Words that Shine Experience. There is always a sense of excitement each time I share a quote with you as I truly hope it gives an uplift to your week. ……………………………………………………….  *Success … Continue reading