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I was walking along the beach the other day and came across a huge spiral that someone had beautifully and diligently drawn in the sand. Although the tide had already washed part of it away I was able to photograph it from a nearby rock. This got me thinking – yes I know that is dangerous….so lets see what comes next.

Spirals, they are all around us. We use spirals, we are spirals, nature spirals.

      • Upwards and Downwards
      • Inwards and Outwards 

There are many man made spirals – Archimedes’ screw, cork screws, augers, threads on bolts, drill bits.  It is not the spiral that we want it is the results we want. All these spirals have different uses such as lifting, pumping, creating holes, joining, leverage.

Even our DNA is a double spiral known as a double-helix.  Is it any wonder we feel our life spiralling first one way then the other. Our thoughts and emotions are in constant spirals – If we use the Archimedes’ screw analysis for example – When we drill with determination deep into our thoughts, our emotions are brought to the surface via the rotational lift of passion. Thus my phrase for the week is:

      • Determination and passion is the spiral of thought and emotion that turns our challenges from questions into answers even if there are no answers.  
DNA Tower Kings Park Perth WA - Our link with nature

DNA Tower Kings Park Perth WA – Our link with nature – Resembling the double-helix molecule which is in all cells and controls the development of life.

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The challenge I have for us this week is to look at our own life spirals, explore them and grow them to extend our boundaries of purpose.

Living life with passion


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Spirals — 3 Comments

  1. Great one Jenny. Isn’t life one big Spiral. sometimes spiralling out of control and other times like the cartoon guy The Road Runner. Spinning like crazy and not getting anywhere. I think we may have all experienced that one.

    Love and light ,


    ps. The pictures are always amazing Jenny. Thank you for sharing them with everyone.

    • Hello Nancy,
      Thank you for a wonderful comment – Yes when you think of spiralling, the most common thought is spiralling downwards out of control but I believe the reverse is the one we should concentrate on as it will move us upwards and forwards to achieve a great and positive life.

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