Have you, like me, laughed at the antics of kittens or puppies as they pounce, chase, swat or bite at their own shadow.

You might have also jumped in fright at a nearby shadow only to laugh at your own folly when you realised it was just a shadow, raising doubts in your thoughts as those shadows lurk and cast their truths and untruths on what is imagined.

Life’s shadow puppetry begs the question – what is real and what is not?

Shadows bring a range of concepts to the fore with some negative connotations, like standing in some ones else’s shadow or a person of shady character.

On the physical aspect of shadows, their size, shape, length and depth will ultimately depend on many variables such as light, contrast, subject, background, intensity, angle, and distance.

Consider for a moment that it is possible that your own shadow is merely an extension of your belief system.

Have you been stretched almost beyond your endurance then realised that it was not only your perception but that of others around you? They see you from their light, their angle, their distance, their truths and their untruths.  The question I ask you is how do you see your shadow? You can control your shadow, stretched and moulded by your own light because you are the light and shadow of yourself and where you take it is up to you.

From Words that Shine I encourage you to fill your shadow from the light and substance that is pure and true and live life to its full potential.

Living life with passion

(C) Jenny Horn JLH all rights reserved 2014


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  1. Hi Jenny, you wordsmith you!!
    Wow you are a clever writer and it flows from ur deep understanding of humans – yet the style and content are easy and innocent. Well done. Sim

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