Shades of light and dark

A quick recap on last month’s challenge, the Words that Shine experience asked you to check out your own ‘Living Envelope’. How did you go?  I found that once I had unlocked the concept of the living envelope I realised the multifold approach applies to all aspects of life.

This month’s Words that Shine Experience is about the comparative shades of light and darkness and the way we interact within the full spectrum.  There are many sayings about clouds of darkness such as the cloud with a silver lining, or head in the clouds or a dark cloud hanging over someone.

Recently I had the privilege of seeing the most exquisite cloud formation and the subsequent crepuscular sunrays that transpired. This stunningly amazing feature developed and unfolded before my very eyes. There were dark clouds on the horizon with the early morning sun behind them and as the beauty displayed itself so did nature’s teachings come to me yet again. I had also noticed the cloud was shaped in a similar way to the rock just in front of me and although it had no direct bearing on the cloud it did influence how I perceived the whole picture.

The cloud had shielded the glare of the early morning sun and when the timing was right not only did the sun shine forth but it showed beams of focussed light as well as diffused light. It filled my mind and being with exciting new understanding. Sometimes we think there is a dark cloud hanging over us and things in our life are not going according to plan. And to be honest there are many aspects of life that are unjust. It is in these times that you feel the darkness or shades of darkness. But maybe the cloud is protecting and shielding you from the searing pain allowing you time to heal, grow and develop. When you do shine again you may shine quite differently. It will be unique to you.

By clicking on each photo you can see them in a bigger format.

The Words that Shine challenge this month is to enhance your living envelope with the knowledge that sometimes we need shades of protection to heal and grow. Think of the times that you have felt a cloud over your life and the subsequent growth and maturity that came from it. Now think of how your light shone out not only for yourself but as an inspiration to others.

Next part of the challenge is to appreciate those times of shade, live inside the moment and do not lose that time. When the time is right, live your light with the freshness of renewed strength.

Living life with passion

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Shades of light and dark — 6 Comments

  1. As usual you have inspired me to chase my dark shades and change them to a much lighter shade. There has been enough dark moments in my life and it is time to change my envelope as it has no room for bad times anymore. stay young
    Jen stay you.

    • Fantastic Tony, your growth under the darker shades of clouds has been phenomenal. Your light is already shining bright. Thank you Tony I love hearing the feedback. Jen.

  2. This would make a great meditation – focusing on the light and the dark and feeling their presence and how it reflects our life
    Beautiful words Jenny and great words of wisdom.
    I once read a fantastic book Called the Wisdom of Florence scovel Shinn. Such an amazing book. But now am gradually reading the wisdom of Jenny Horn. Thank you

    • Thank you Terry. Yes you are right a great meditation. Iwas actually meditating as I experienced the crepuscular rays with the dark and light. No wonder there is wisdom here, nature speaks volumes. It is so wonderful to hear all the individual interpretations of Words that Shine.

  3. Hi Jenny
    Such fab writing my dear! The pix are super too. I like the cloud analogies -light n dark, life’s lessons and being veiled by and from some things so that we focus on other divinely guided lessons, is so true.
    To be Guided and inspired by Nature is what I taught my offspring to do as a solid foundation to soul & self awareness!
    Eclipses are times of renewal and recharging in the words of poet seers.
    Like cloud shapes the dark night passes and like everything, this too shall pass.
    Thanks for sharing, you clever wordsmith. Peace , sim

    • Great revelations Sim. Thanks so much for sharing. Yes nature is a wonderful source of learning for us all.
      Love Jenny

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