*React and destroy or respond to enhance*

Welcome to another exceptional week with Words that Shine,

I have had quite a week, starting on a high, dipping to a low, then refocusing to lift again.

Events or situations of others often have a direct or indirect impact on you and can cause possible negative or positive emotions. It is how you respond to these emotions that is so important not only to your own well-being but to those around you.

A quote from John Kehoe  “Negative ONLY has power over you if and when you react to it”

You can choose to react and destroy or respond to enhance

Wow – Easy to say – not so easy to do – so lets use the power of these images to show us how we can work with this quote.

        • Supporting each other can spread the weight 
        • The person who has the challenge needs to own it
        • Is the problem yours to shoulder or are you offering support
        • Look around and work towards a solution
        • Sometimes instant reactions can be damaging
        • Assess before responding – always –
        • Be in your own power by responding to enhance
      1. I invite you to study this concept and contemplate on a particular negative event you may have had in your life.
      2. Look at the different possible scenarios at the time of this event  and could you have responded differently.
      3. Did your thought process attract the same negative energy creating secondary situations or were you able to respond and bring about a beautiful positive enhancement.

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