*Push your boundaries of belief*

Welcome to a new and vibrant year with Words that Shine.

This week let us consider the boundaries that bind our new years resolutions.

Such as limits of the mind, limits of the heart, limits of health, limits of finances, restrictions of laws, restrictions of self, restrictions of state, restrictions of society.

The restraints of these boundaries give us the structure and security necessary for our survival.

At times when we want to break free of  limitations we find ourselves looking for the comfort of those limits.

I challenge us to see over the horizon, to reach beyond the stars, to stretch further than we ever thought we could. To push the boundaries of belief, to question the questions until the answers move us further than we ever dreamed.

As an  example of extending our minds and ideas this following paragraph is a piece of writing I did for a writing course exercise – the task being ‘Describe a candle flame’.

I turn my gaze to the small naked flame flickering unassumingly from the candle of soft white wax that was sitting on the bench beside me. I am drawn into the mysterious depths of wonder. A soft golden glow fills the room, constantly moving like life itself. With a restless yearning to escape, only to be held captive in its own peaceful embrace. So powerful, yet so humble, within its glass barrier, fuelled by a subtle vanilla fragrance wax. The essence of life being tempted by the exposed darkened wick while being gently fanned by the very air we breathe.

 I realized that I was writing about my own character which was very revealing.

 For some of you this maybe a stretch but I encourage you to use this candle analogy to help create a clear focus for your goals.  Remember, the more pixels, the clearer the resolution, the easier it is to see where you are going. Sometimes original goals may need to be amended a little to be able to achieve the desired result so be prepared to make those slight changes and your dreams are yours for the taking.

Living life with passion


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