Our paths intertwine to create specific interactions for life’s purpose.

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Did I say the web of life? Yes I did. So what does a web of life look like?

    • Am I simply talking about the internet web?
    • Does it look like a spiders web?
    • Could it be like entangled vines in the rainforest?
    • Or a criss cross of paths leading us to our destination?

Over the years my life’s path has touched and been touched by amazing people and events. Whether I have met a friend of a friend, or met someone from the same town thousands of kilometres away, or a situation that steered me to a window of opportunity. I could go on and on but I think you get my idea.

I notice that my path or thread often criss crosses in many different forms.  Call it fate, coincidence, attracting like minded thinking or karma. Without getting into the psychology, spiritual or rationale of all this, I am suggesting that we observe the threads in our life.

    • Our paths or threads are actually not just tangled or spiralled but are delicately intertwined to create specific interactions throughout our life. These interactions are in line with our specific purpose in life and so we create our very own unique personal journey or web.

Something that has just occurred to me – that even with the heartache and hard times in my life, my thread or path has intertwined to find the right interactions to move me to the next level – wow.

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The Words that Shine Experience encourages you to live and love your web of threads.

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Our paths intertwine to create specific interactions for life’s purpose. — 1 Comment

  1. Great post. This reminds me of a documentary i watched one time about the science of reality vs individuals. I can’t remember the exact name of the documentary, but it discussed how each atom, or reality in this case, always intertwines with hundreds, if not thousands of other peoples atoms/realities. How we see the world, or how we perceive what we see, is based on where our atoms are at a certain time, we are always in motion. For instance, your reality was the creation of this post.. my reality is the reading of it, and creating the comment that you will read later. I love that kind of stuff. It really makes you think. Great post!

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