*Our mind is a reservoir of thought.*

Welcome back fellow Word that Shiners. I hope you have had an awesome week meeting any challenges enthusiatically with last week’s quote of ‘Success is the process of the moment’ 🙂 I know I certainly did as I had to dip deep into my own – ‘Words that Shine Experience’. 🙂

Introducing this week’s quote- ‘Our mind is a reservoir of thought’

Mind – and – Thought – What do they mean? Have a look in the dictionary at the attempts to explain these two words – some of the explanations seem so inadequate. These are just a couple of brief explanations.

  •  Mind – remembrance, cause to be remembered
  • Mind – is used as a noun or as a  transitive verb
  • Thought – process or power of thinking
  • Think – consider, be of opinion

The ‘Words that Shine Experience’ for this week is ‘Our mind is a reservoir of thought’.  The mind is the storage unit of the past, present and future – facilitator of the moral and immoral – the driver of ethical and unethical, the housing of positive and negative and so on.

Like a water wheel the mind is a continuous array of activity pumping out thoughts upon thoughts.These thoughts are ready to be harnessed and nourished in the fertile ground of our being to bring forth a harvest. And like any harvest you will get the best of the crop whether it is full of nothing but empty husks or overflowing with succulent ripenings.

Yes… *Our mind is a reservoir of thought.*… Yes

These photos are magnificent examples of reservoirs and the amazing outcomes when thought is given the nourishment it deserves – Enjoy some of Australia’s beautiful reservoirs of the mind

WOW those incredible reservoirs of water – what endless possibilities. Let’s challenge ourselves this week to look at our reservoir of thought and weed out the ones that are negative and seed the positive uplifting ones. I hope you have gained some valuable insight with your Words that Shine Experience.

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