*Make your dream your reality*

Hello wonderful – yes you – wonderfully passionate you. If you weren’t that way you wouldn’t be reading this today. Welcome to another fantastic week that’s full of challenges to solve.

🙂 🙂 Words that Shine Experience. 🙂 🙂

Last week we looked at ‘Push your boundaries of belief’ and the thing is if you haven’t lit your candle of desire then there is nothing, no boundaries, no horizon, no movement, no light. But if your candle is lit with your dream its light will move you to amazing life achievements.

Consider this photo below – What do you initially see? Where does your heart take you? Where does your feeling of comfort end and your limitless boundaries start? Can you relate this to your goals and dreams?

Can you make your dream a reality? …YES YOU CAN…

This is what your untouched potential can look like - smooth, fresh and inspiring

This is what your untouched potential can look like – smooth, fresh and inspiring


When I first look at this photo I see the virgin smooth sand with a water channel around the rocks, I am drawn just as I was with the candle flame but this time it is to the depths of the ocean and the sky. The pink glow of the morning sun on the horizon gives promise to the new day. Yet a part of me wants to stay within the comforts of the shore but  know I would be engulfed by the incoming tide and so I must be in the moment and bring reality to the dream.

*I encourage you through the Words that Shine Experience to be in your moment and make your dream your reality.*

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