Lost and found.

“I found it” I exclaimed “it was in the last place I looked.” I smiled thinking, of course it was in the last place I looked because I have found it. It had not even been lost until I needed it and then I was not sure where I had last put it.

We might lose other things through life such as our fitness, energy, libido or even our mindful awareness. These things can slip silently into obscurity without any realisation. One day you go to use your personal resource and it is either vastly depleted or simply not there at all. You search for the allusive lost but instead find excuses. “It is an age thing” or “it’s too hard” can be cheap generic substitutes for the real deal.

So here’s the riddle. How do you search for what you have lost when often you dont know what you have lost until you find it again. Firstly make a start, you start at the beginning. The beginning of what you might say. Ok I get that. Let’s take a step in any direction you choose. Each step will reveal the next step. I can see some of you shaking your head at this whole conundrum but bear with me. 

Maybe somewhere in your psyche you have a little nagging thought that creeps in occasionally. Think about it for a bit. Ok there is the starting point. From here you can choose your next step even if you don’t know where how or what, just make a move. I will give you an example of a situation I had recently.

A few months ago I gave myself a scare in the ocean when I got caught in a small rip in heavy seas. I was swimming in a relatively sheltered lagoon but on high tide and heavy seas it can get quite dangerous. I knew I needed to grow in my knowledge of the ocean and improve my swimming ability. I also realised I had lost a lot of my overall natural fitness and confidence. My campaign to improve was totally supported by my husband and good friend and I have a renewed  confidence that is evident across  most areas of my life. Each step I take I know it’s the last place I look because I have found and conquered that step. I then look for the next step to contine my discovery of what I didn’t know until now.

The Words that Shine challenge for this month is to rediscover your trail and ignite the passion of improvement of self. Enjoy your new start to 2017.

Living life with passion

(C) Jenny Horn JLH all rights reserved January 2017


Lost and found. — 4 Comments

    • 🙂 Thanks Terry yes great movies have been created from disasters to triumph. To work with the odds often makes for a much better person in the long run.

    • It is my pleasure Sim.
      Thank you too for being a great contributor in our comments. The more people who are prepared to involve themselves the more everyone wins.
      Have a great 2017 Sim

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