Looking forward, looking back,looking forward again

During my six months break from publishing the Words that Shine blog, I was amazed how constantly my heart and mind had been challenged and inspired. This continuely reminded me to use my signature quote ‘Living life with passion’ as I learned and embraced life’s lessons.

Look up from your computer, phone and tablet. Look around you and check in with your five senses.
What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you feel? What do you taste?

What about the most important sense of all, your sixth sense.

If  these senses are blocked or stationary then you cannot move in any direction. I challenge you to imagine your senses stopped, totally stopped. Just to get anything to work at all there must be some form of movement within that sense.  Even to look backwards you must first look forward.

To self reflect you need to move or look forward in your thinking so you can then look back to reflect. Remember you can always steer something that is moving but you can’t steer something that is stationary. 

The three images below are great illustrations of looking forward in order to look back. The raindrops may stop you seeing clearly but  they add their own dimensions to the picture.

If you have a really good look at the  photos there is work in progress with protective bunting. There are several different buildings, grey skies, raindrops, rainbow, trees, and a road. By using your imagination once again, the mirrored images could represent many areas of your past.  But how big is the mirror? Now look beyond the mirror and you will see your future big, bold and full of many more adventures.

I challenge you through your Words that Shine Experience to keep moving forward and the beauty of your life will be reflected in your past.

Living life with passion

(C) Jenny Horn JLH 22nd November 2015 all rights reserved


Looking forward, looking back,looking forward again — 8 Comments

    • Hi Mel, Yes you are absolutely right it is about balance. Thank you for that pick up. I believe that the sixth sense is running quietly behind the scenes with all 5 senses. Everything in this world is about balance. Jenny

  1. Welcome back Jenny!! You always seem to pop into my life at the right time! It is almost three years since our lives crossed paths. If I use the three images you have presented to reflect my life’s journey I can see that I have come from a place of great despair three years ago to today where I have a lot more clarity and calmness. Sure there are days when my vision in the mirror is blurred but I now have the tools of patience – to wait for the clouds to clear and the rain drops to dry up and the rainbow to appear. You are so right when you say to look back to look forward – you just don’t realise how far you have come until you do! Thank you Jenny!

    • Thanks Gena, It is brilliant the way you have come through the last few years. I am so pleased you relate to looking forward to look back. You are absolutely spot on with all you said. Simply awesome. Jenny

  2. Your blog has touched me in a way that’s both happy and sad happy because I know I will get out of the place I’m in at the moment and sad because I know how I got here and wouldn’t do any thing different than I’ve done jenny thank you for being a true freind you have been for a long time and will be for ever you are amazing

    • Thank you Tony, knowing your story helped inspire me to look forward, look back and then forward bringing the future into now. Jenny

  3. Thanks Jenny,
    Its fun to share and get validation. My favourite sentence of wisdom here is when u say to stop and check the senses. Even using the sixth sense which is very important, I agree:))
    Thanks for sharing your touching the six senses!
    Love sim

    • Great to hear from you Sim, yes an amazing concept to stop and reconnect with our senses to bring our past and future to now. Jenny

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