Life is like a candle flame…

On Monday I was driving home from the gym actually I was heading to the beach to have my take away coffee – yeah – and those of you who know me well – a block of chocolate as well. Hey I had worked out really hard in the gym. 🙂

As I stopped at a set of traffic lights I noticed a van with smoke billowing from under the bonnet. And so I found myself responding to the emergency, calling the fire brigade and ensuring all 6 occupants including a young baby were safely out of the car. By this time the cabin of the van was full of toxic smoke and the flames were underneath the body of the car as well. The firemen were able to extinguish the fire but the van was severely damaged and thank goodness everyone was safe. The emergency services thought it was possibly an electric fault.

This incident got me thinking about what is important in our lives.

  • Is it  money and wealth?
  • Is it fame?
  • Is it to be as fit as you can be?
  • Is it to be the best business in the area?
  • Is it to be a leader in your profession?
  • Is it to be a great parent?
  • Is it to be your children’s hero?
  • Is it to be a wonderful partner?
  • Is it to be a fantastic lover?
  • Is it to be all of the above?
  • And of course there is a lot more

We start our lives small and delicate and so so precious.

We are a constant delight to our wonderfully attentive parents’

We are moulded to society’s ways, mesmerised by the beauty and the dance

We flex our might and light the fire of passion as youth gives way to adulthood

But our responsibilities can almost extinguish those flames

Unless we nourish our soul from the source.

And sometimes that is hard to do but do we must.

Life is like a candle flame – delicate and precious and full of beauty and dance… 🙂
But to light a fire that ignites the passion of extreme… 🙂
Is to live life as it is intended to be… 🙂
(C) Jenny Horn JLH 30/08/2012 

Dedicated to those who love the precious, ignite the passion and live the experience.

Enjoy your Words that Shine Experience and may it nourish your soul.



(C) Jenny Horn JLH 2012 all rights reserved

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