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Time, what is that? Often stated as past, present and future. Is it a manmade conundrum, biblical or nature’s process?  I looked up definitions of time and they all presented loudly the human need to equate everything in a measured sequence. So why do we have such a fascination with time?

Although our life runs a linear plane from young to old it is very much a part of cyclical patterns that are constantly evolving. The present is not just a stand-alone moment. Even if you feel your life has become stagnated time stops for no one. Your yesterday was your today and before that it was your tomorrow.

Last month we talked about letting go past fears to achieve future success. How did you go? If you have no fears holding you back that is fabulous. Maybe you found some fears actually feel comfortable as it is easier to associate with what you know rather than what you don’t know. A bit like an old favourite jacket that you can’t bring yourself to discard. Or maybe you want to keep the jacket just in case you need it again.

So what about the present and how does it evolve? Sometimes it is difficult to see exactly what our present is. The moment you see or feel it, it moves like a shadow. It is those checks on reality that can often lead to fundamental changes in your life. We all love the special uplifting time standing still moments. A few years ago I personally had one of those moments impact on me so greatly it is still my continual source of encouragement and inspiration.

The idea of a time and moving shadows blog popped into my head about a year ago when I was working in Katherine NT. One morning while waiting for my ride to work I was standing in beautiful sunshine and I became fascinated with my early morning shadow that was cast across the road.  A car whizzed by and my thoughts screamed oh no my shadow is getting run over. But no the car did not run over my shadow, instead my shadow image imprinted itself along the side of the passing car. I could only but laugh at my thought process. The next car that passed was a dark colour and although I knew my shadow was on it I couldn’t see it as well.

I could see how my shadow changed as I moved, as the sun moved and as the car took on the shadow. It occurred to me that at any given moment of time we are constantly creating and changing the shadow or life print of our life. Living and being in the moment is about doing the most productive activity to fulfil your life’s purpose even if it is sleeping or resting.

This month’s Words that Shine challenge is to keep alive your moments because they will harmonise your future your present and your past.


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Keep alive your moments — 8 Comments

  1. TIME hmm in time past my shadow looked like an old man bent over moving slowly. Recently I have noticed my shadow has been standing a bit straighter moving a little more freely. Maybe in the past it was the oh so precious commodity that everyone seems so hung up on. All the time thinking it’s taking a long time and you only have a short time to do that and so on. Maybe my earlier shadow was doing things on everyone elses time,and now I am doing things in my time. The only truth in everyones life is that their time is their time so use it wisely shadows or not Jenny keep young stay young.

    • Thank you Tony so well put. Although time is each persons own time – time itself is universal across everything and everyone and continues to move at the same relentless pace. Each person perceives and works with it in their own way.

    • Thanks Graeme a great comment. Yes you are right if you have a cloudy mind you might not see the shadow of time but it will still be there just very faintly if you look hard enough. Sometimes clearing your mind of the clouding takes extreme effort but it can be done. Great input Graeme

  2. Thanks Jenny
    Well put and very timely too for me.
    I was just thinking this morning that when I go see Mr Terry Power this week I will have him help me to muscle test me for trapped time in my system.
    My hobby is maintaining Consciousness which is, as u so nicely put it, awareness of this moment because its the only real life.
    So I Stop, Breathe & Smile. This is my practice.
    Thanks for sharing Jenny. Be well.

    • Thank you Sim for your unwavering support. Yes being in the moment is about our awareness of our now time and its not in a selfish way but about making the most of what we are meant to be. As you know I am a huge fan of Terry Power’s work. In fact it is through the continuous fabulous support of my husband and Terry that helps me continue to create this inspirational blog.

  3. Wow, another brilliant and insightful message for us all. I found it terrific that you reminded us to look back at your challenge for last month, and review that. As always, uplifting and challenging, and reflective of your true personality.

    • Great to hear from you David. Love your comment about reviewing past challenges because yes that is how we can continue our personal growth. Thank you as always for your wonderful support.
      Love Jenny

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