Is our exterior a true representation of ourself?

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What exterior do we show the outside world – Lets have a look at this magnificent Thorny Devil.

The Thorny Devil lives in the harsh Australian desert and faces its challenges with amazing attributes. It can change the colour of its skin/scales to serve as a camouflage against its background. The Thorny Devil utilises tiny channels between the scales on its belly and legs to collect morning dew and water from damp sand. This collected water travels up these channels by capillary action to the lizard’s mouth…. wow… The Thorny Devil’s fearsome appearance belies its true nature. Less than 20 cm long, this slow-moving creature feeds solely on ants. Scientists are still unsure about the purpose of the large “horns” above each eye and the strange spiked hump behind the lizard’s head. The hump, which looks a bit like a second head, is probably a defence mechanism lowered to distract pecking predators such as birds. The horns may be used to store body fat or water. 

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We saw this Thorny Devil near Eneabba, Western Australia. Sensing us it stood rigid and motionless with its tail high, what an amazing mode of protection for oneself. I couldn’t help thinking of people I have come across with such fearsome characteristics. This leads me to my next question.

Why do we need an exterior? There are many aspects of this topic that I am sure many of you  have already thought of. Our exterior holds us together physically, emotionally and spiritually.This provides insulation between our inner and outer worlds to ensure our survival. However the image we outwardly project  may vary vastly from our inner self.

As you read this small list below of possible portrayed images of oneself, I am sure it will bring to mind many different and varied people you have encountered along the way.

Some project good but on the inside have selfish motives.
Some project fearsome traits but are like marshmallow on the inside.
Some project good will for their community in a self sacrificing way.
Some work hard with purpose for the good of all.

With those thoughts in mind I would like us to have a good look at what we portray to the world and how the world reflects back to us.

Is our own personal exterior a true representation of ourself?

I hope you have enjoyed another Words that Shine experience.

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