How well do our walls serve us?

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This week I would like to share a beautiful insight of life. Wednesday afternoon I was walking along the local beach and saw an empty wheelchair on the sand near some rocks. I saw a young teenage girl on her hands and knees enjoying the water and waves splashing around her.

Her teenage brother and his girlfriend were helping her to stand and getting her back to the wheel chair at which time I also assisted. The girl was obviously a little cold and shivery but had a huge beaming smile from ear to ear. They had earlier wheeled her 2 kms from her home to the beach so I gave them a lift back in my car.

What an incredible privilege to witness this beautiful gift of freedom given by these 2 young teenagers. The 16 year old girl’s spirit now soared from this simple pleasure, even though her body was rigid from an inoperable brain tumour. 

I started thinking about how our lives can feel hemmed in and confined by the pressures of day to day activities in relationships, work, finances, society, health and the list goes on. 

Sometimes we build walls around ourselves – they maybe physical, emotional, spiritual – yes my big 3 again. These walls:  Do they serve us well? Do they protect us? Do they protect others? Do they confine us? Do they test us? Do they help us grow? Do we hide behind them?.. mmm.. that is a big one isn’t it?

Are you being absolutely honest with yourself…come on… really be totally honest with yourself…. no, don’t rationalise things… just be open with yourself… this is only between you, you and you. Guess what… there are 3 of you — physical, emotional, spiritual. 🙂

I am having a laugh at myself here because I was told the other day that I was so totally and wonderfully honest it was adorable – this was when I confessed to my lifestyle coach to eating chocolate while on  a weight/exercise program.

The photo below is of an old prison wall. When you look closely you can see a lower wall as well. This was for the Officers to walk along and guard the prisoners.

How do you guard your personal walls? Are your guards blocking or helping your progress?

*note – you can click on the photos to enlarge them, then use back arrow to return*

I encourage you to acknowledge your walls and your guards then reach for the light of your horizons.

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How well do our walls serve us? — 2 Comments

  1. An amazing read this week Jenny. Thank you. Certainly leaves one with food for thought .

  2. Another interesting read Jen, Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.

    Is our exterior a true reflection of ourself. NEVER, Nothing is ever as it looks. Life as we know it in the physical world is an illusion. We all need to see beyond the illusion to see the truth. That is where Family Healing Constellations comes into itself. Through the grace of God it brings forth the truth so we can see beyond the illusion and find peace.

    In Jesus name

    Nancy. xx

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