How individual is your footprint?

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How individual is your footprint? I invite you to have a close look at your footprint – Look at the toes, the heel, the ball of the foot, and the arch. Now compare each foot and the print it leaves. Then if you get a chance check out other footprints. Did you notice that everyone has a slightly different pattern that is unique to them.

Although I am using the example of footprints we can use handprints or even bodyprints because it is really all about our PERSON PRINTS.

Our footprints show different elements when we walk, run or stand still. For example my second toe is longer than my big toe and I often drag it when I walk.

The term “footprint” is a BIG buzz word these days and thrown around in an almost casual sense – quite often in order to sound sexy, to show environmental consciousness, to be politically correct and/or to obtain the extra business edge. Most of this I tend to take with a grain of salt because it is usually full of bias and own agendas.

You are absolutely right I am now using it for MY agenda – that is – creating an interesting and uplifting article to inspire us to give a little more thought and action to BEING who and what we are meant to be.

Lets look at our footprints again

Are they heavy and laboured?
Are they light and springy?
Do they look like they are stuck in time?

If you could make yourself a perfect footprint how would it look. Would it be light, heavy, sad, speedy, vibrant or………….  Remember we all leave lasting individual impressions on the world around us.

Our footprints will guide and ground us through many opportunities in life. Some may dissolve with the tides but others will remain forever in the memories and hearts of those we have touched.

Thank you for being a big part of the Words that Shine footprint.

Living life with passion


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