How beautifully abstract is your life?

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How beautifully abstract is your life? 

The word abstract is often used to describe various impressionistic artforms such as the naturally wind eroded sandstone in the photo below. The amazing blend of colours and contours brings a subtle appeal to the enquiring mind.

Abstract means to withdraw or separate from the practical object. However I suggest that this separation is still joined by the concept and the concept is connected through the disconnect.

What does this have to do with life and relationships? The answer is absolutely everything. It is the disconnect and separation from the physical and practical areas that allows the creative and spiritual process to take place.

If this wind eroded sandstone is an abstract representation of your life that shows all the separation discords and all the harmonious connections – can you see that your life is really a beautiful artform in motion. You, the individual have the unique role of giving to purpose just as the wind gives to this sandstone sculpture.

052613 01. Wind eroded sandstone, Sandstone Caves, Pilliga NSW

The challenge for this month is to create an amazingly beautiful abstract impression of your life. A living sandstone image from your Words that Shine experience.

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How beautifully abstract is your life? — 6 Comments

  1. What a very wise and original observation, and so heartening. I would love to see my seemingly erratic life as a beautiful artwork if viewed as a whole. It would explain how humble and yet determined I feel now, to allow it to be beautiful and flowing.

  2. Thanks for sharing. May I share something that Dr W Dyer said on cd today ? He said that “information ” is a symbol of what’s “In form” (physical, illusiory and perceived )and ” Inspiration” is symbolic if what’s “in spirit” ( inspiration is the opposite of exhalation btw). Simone

  3. Hi Jenny. Just reviewing your wonderful posts. I do enjoy them and find them most inspiring and uplifting. This photo (from my perspective) reminds me of the Territory and Nature’s glory. It also dove tails into your post of the “Pause” – sometimes I get so stuck in what appears to be quicksand but to take the position of the Silent Witness and step back to look at the whole picture reveals a sublime purpose to it all – even if I can’t ” work it out” immediately. Thanks. Ros

  4. What a wonderful photo. For me it represents the path my husband and I have been on over the last 12 months. I see the two dark lines representing each of us. Circumstances have seen us separate from each other but with time we are coming back closer to each other. All around us life is still going on and holding us together just like the sandstone around the two darker lines. I now know it’s ok for those lines not to be totally joined because we are both our own person and on our own journeys. Thanks Jenny x

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