How balanced are you?

Welcome to your balancing program with Words that Shine.

How balanced are you?

Wheel of life

Wheel of life

Have a look at this simple chart. The bigger wheel shows some important areas in our lives. Imagine each axis has numeric markings along it with 0 being the centre and 10 on the outer edge of the circle.  If you place a value on each axis of where you think you are in relation to each area of your life with 0 being poor and 10 being excellent, then draw a line connecting all the numbers what shape do you think your wheel of life would be? The less round it is, the more bumpy your life is bound to be. For a smoother ride a balanced round wheel would be ideal.

Below are a couple of nature’s wonderful balancing acts.

Once again I find lessons from the world around us.

Look how this turtle cares for his/her home while negotiating his/her obstacles. We can draw parallels from this as we prioritise our family, health, finance and work commitments along with the never-ending duties of upkeep and maintenance of our home.

The sandstone pancake sculpture adds dimensions of a different nature to our complexities such as income and expenditure or maybe our faith. It gives great illustration to how erosion of financial security or our confidence can be undermined by very strong unchecked and unseen elements.

I watched in sheer amazement this Ibis in the tree above me happily preening itself. Casually lifting and stretching its left leg oblivious to its audience below. What struck me was balance, balance, balance.

It occurred to me that too much of a good thing can throw you out just as much as not enough. Such as finance including income, expenditure, savings and investment. Health of mind, body and soul. Relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Even politics and faith need balance.

I see balance as being fluid like water and essentially transparent like air that fires your dreams and aspirations into reality.

The Words that Shine challenge for this month is for you to draw out your wheel of life and work towards an even better balanced wheel of life.

I found very helpful techniques for balancing using meditation, exercise and nutrition as promoted by friend and mentor, Chiropractor/Acupuncturist Terry Power

Living life with passion

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  1. Thank you Jenny yet again.
    You have inspired a new soul intelligent focus for constructivity in life. Balance is huge and I also value the constant reference to nature for my orientation. There are so many new life balance words we can now use happily unlike a century ago. These new usages indicate that humans are getting increasingly balanced in mind body soul. This is thanks to authors like you and artists, musicians, astronauts and psychologists who delve and reveal new balance we can use.

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