Honour and Respect

Honour and Respect are two great words we often hear spoken especially on grand occasions, but what do they really mean? Have you considered the meanings and the logistics of these two words?

We are taught to respect elders, culture, religion, gender, laws, friends, colleagues, material assets, animals, planet earth and the list goes on. The imposed respect of governing laws and authority are a controlled obligation of necessity.

When you give honour and respect unconditionally to someone you admire and appreciate it is one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences.  I have found such beautiful respect is often mutually reciprocated in an extraordinary bond of appreciation.

You might ask why this topic and why now?  Put simply at the moment I am on 4 weeks work placement Dental Assisting for the Anyinginyi Aboriginal Corporation in Tennant Creek outback Northern Territory.  I became aware of an event taking place from 20th Feb to 3rd March called the ‘Borella Ride’.  It is the retracing of Albert Borella’s journey of 1,000kms from Tennant Creek to Darwin. Albert Borella completed this journey in 1915 to enlist in World War 1. His grandson, Richard is honouring the memory of his late grandfather by retracing this journey. By the 1st March, Richard will be at Katherine about 420kms into this journey. http://www.theborellaride.com.au/

I spoke briefly with Richard and his two companions as they walked northward in the searing heat along the Stuart Highway. What an incredible way for Richard to give thanks to his grandfather and to those who serve this country.  I thought what a pity his grandfather is not alive to receive this honour from his grandson.

This made me realise that often such beautiful and uplifting honour is left too late and it is not until those we value have gone that we then honour their memory. While it is important to honour and keep alive the memory of that special person it is just as important to give honour in the presence of that person.

The Words that Shine challenge for this month is to do something special to honour a person or persons you admire and respect.

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Honour and Respect — 2 Comments

  1. How true. I heard a song on the radio today which was on the same theme. Sorry I don’t know what it was called. It was to his father after his death saying he was sorry he didn’t tell him how much he had meant to him, and telling us to ‘say it now’. I think we can all associate with that. It would have been a great music theme for your post. Keep up your amazing blog, and inspiration to so many.

  2. What a beautiful thing to honor the grandparent by this display of love and showing of doing something tangible that represents the size of that love and respect. Thank God there are still real humans who have noble ideals and deeds that come from the heart and not just pure self interrest. Thanks for sharing his story.

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