*Health is the building block for everything*

Welcome to this week’s Words that Shine experience.

The circle of life is a finely balanced act and just how do we create that balance.
In fact everything we do in life revolves around one thing and one thing only and that is health.

Health is the building block for everything.

Health is the soundness of body, mind and spirit.
Quality of life is directly proportional with the quality of health.

Consider these three photos below

  •  Like this spirit level, the aim of life is to keep the bubble within the circle. However the challenge is to think outside the circle in order to maintain the circle.
  • We wonder why our life is not tracking straight when we see the wear and tear. But unless we fix the cause we will keep on scrubbing out no matter how many times we repair ourselves.
  • When something snaps in our life and we find ourselves swaying wildly all over the place gaining control is extremely difficult. With measured powered steps we can regain a sense of direction and a sense of purpose.


I hope that the Words that Shine experience has created a healthy spirit bubble to uplift your week.

living life with passion


Health is the building block for everything (C) JLH 2012



*Health is the building block for everything* — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Jenny
    Another wonderful words that shine experience. Thank you!
    I always love you analogies and that when you write there are so many levels to what you are writing.
    The spirit level is like our own spirit that elevates and levels makes what we do in our life sparkle- and to keep the bubble high and in the centre as you said we often have to think and feel eccentric like. It needs to be refreshed with outside the box/circle thinking.
    The axle that scrubbed the tyres is like our frame and our spine. It’s good to work on the bent axle and straighten it as well as you can. As a chiropractor this makes perfect sense.
    The metal strap or sway bar is like our pelvis and our collar bones. Needing great function around our helping arms/hands and our attitude to our purpose in life and also a healthy balance to our intimate sexual life. Otherwise we can sway all over the place in a dangerous fashion.
    Please Keep sending me the writings and also the cards I have been using are always working so beautifully for many different occasions and needs. So great to have on hand ready to go.

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