*Having the waterfall commitment brings a powerful energy to our being*

Welcome to the waterfall commitment from Words that Shine

This week’s fabulous phrase is –

*Having the waterfall commitment brings a powerful energy to our being*

What sort of phrase is this I hear you utter. Read on and you may discover some of the strange and fascinating insights of Jenny’s (my) mind.

Are you a bit like me when I say I love waterfalls and find them fascinatingly hypnotic? A torrent of  water that flows steadily towards the unforgiving edge of the rocky shelf, then plunges in free fall, breaking into thousands of  tiny droplets that glisten and mesmerise.  Wow is all I can say – I love to focus on one section of water as it falls, to see it seemingly slow down before my very eyes.  I love the rainbows in the mist, the plunge pool at the bottom, the sheer beauty, the grace,the power and the force.

So how does this fit into our life in a positive manner. Think about it for a moment.

Imagine this – the total commitment of the water when it goes over the edge – there is NO turning back. The sheer energy created by the power of the gravitational forces. The beauty and the passion of it. The rocks that shape it can either hinder or empower it.

If we approach our lives with the same total commitment, we create a passion of powerful and beautiful energy that attracts success to us.

To illustrate these forces I have put together a very small selection of the many waterfalls we have seen around Australia.

What an amazing waterfall experience of Words that Shine.

Living life with passion

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