Have courage to own the currents in your life

Welcome to an awesome adventure of white water rafting on the Tully River in North Queensland. I must admit not for the faint hearted but hugely exciting and it certainly gives you a healthy respect for the power of the river.

When we arrived at the launch site there were eight rafts being prepared for today’s adventure. We met our guide Vinnie who was the most senior of the guides. There were seven in our raft, a young Canadian couple, a father with his son and daughter and of course David and myself.

So Vinnie and his motley crew had THE BEST time. 14kms of thrills and spills, we dropped a total of 120 metres along the way. Our journey took us  through calm pools and a range of grade 3 to grade 4 rapids.- check out the first photo the man behind me got launched up out of his seat and I ended up sporting a knee in the back – all part of the enormous fun we had. Vinnie’s 8 years experience and great sense of humour and our willingness to be actively involved made for A GREAT FUN DAY!!!

The following verse is my way of relating such power to our own relationships in life together with some stunning and sensational photos  –  What if we dare to dream?… yes we did dare to dream… and yes we did just do…  and yes we had an absolutely fantastic day… 🙂

Have courage to own the currents in your life

Yes, the currents of life
Can drag us under or carry us on high
They can even stall us in a pool of time

What has been!!!
What is now!!!
What is to come!!!

So with hearts of encouragement
Give graciously to life’s journey
And create momentum of currents 

To open the gates on reality
And let the possibilities flow
Far beyond this very realm

And flood their success
With excitement and wonder
For the joy of fulfilment

The choice is always ours

©Jenny Horn JLH 21/06/2012

Jenny and David, White Water Rafting, Tully River, North Queesland

Jenny and David
Start of the grade 4 rapids
Tully River, North Queesland
There is no turning back now
Going Going……. 🙂

Gone………. 🙂

Surfacing……….. 🙂

The exhilaration… The thrill…. The journey….. 🙂

This was certainly
excitement and wonder
And joy of fulfilment
For all who dare to dream

Please feel free to comment and share this incredible journey with others.
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Hope you enjoy your ‘Words that Shine’ Experience as much as I do in creating it.

love Jenny


Have courage to own the currents in your life — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Loved reading your adventure on the Tully River – it took me back 9 years to our honeymoon! What a thrilling ride indeed! Memorable for not the best reasons (in our first year of marriage my husband was diagnosed with a 5cm tumor at the base of his spinal cord – this began to present itself on the Tully River! He had to be carried out to the bus at the lunch point with severe back pain!!!). To say the least, that was a HUGE current we had to maneuver early in our life together!

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