Hanging in the balance

Words that Shine takes a look at life in the balance. This article gives a slightly different view of ‘hanging in the balance’ and challenges you to evaluate your core perceptions of what is the norm.

Equilibrium is the art of balancing all competing influences. It is not a stagnant vessel, but a flowing growing tree of balanced virtues. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, although disadvantages and advantages are often pursued by using leverage and positioning of the fulcrum. Sounds a bit technical doesn’t it. But it is really very simple.

When you feel that life is hanging in the balance what do you do? The answer lies within itself.  You work with all opposing forces while maintaining the integrity of each one and the lift you receive gives an extraordinary empowerment for all to develop and grow. A change in energy will cause a shift in balance to produce a different outcome. This is how life moves forward.

Absolutely everything, every day, in every way, is totally reliant on various forms of balance.

Maintaining the integrity of  balance uses the natural awareness of all states of consciousness. This is nurtured over a life time. How do you choose to maintain the balance?

The photos below demonstrate how opposing forces are as necessary as oxygen to create sustainable living, no matter whether thinking global, community, family or self.

Click on each photo for full sensations of opposing forces – especially the one looking down.

Words that Shine challenges you to change the balance of energy in those situations that are not conducive to growth thus creating a balance to empower all for the greater good.

Living life with passion

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