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I have been thinking about the wonderful connections we have with different people in our lives and how we interact with one another.

There are many verses and photos splashed across the internet, books and cards portraying friends with hugs, close and inseparable. While being wonderful and beautifully true there are many different scenarios of friendship that develop for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes the urgency of day to day life bogs the expression of friends as we strive to maintain the status quo.

 Here are some questions for you to ponder:

    • What sort of friend are you?
    • What are your expectations of yourself as a friend?
    • Do you make yourself readily available or only when it is convenient to you?
    • What are your expectations of your friends?
    • What sort of friends are your friends?
    • What are your friends’ expectation of you?
    • Do your friends make themselves readily available to you or only when it is convenient for them?

 *note – you can click on the photos to enlarge them, then use back arrow to return*

I hope your Words that Shine experience helps bring a greater understanding and tolerance to the friends of this world.

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Friends — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Jenny, I love your words each week but feel I need to comment on this weeks’. As you know we are on the road (6 yrs now) and I miss my friends from home desperately at times but after a phone call or a skype I always feel better. We really are only a hop or two away!True friends really can’t be parted! Love, Maxine xx

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