The Living Envelope

Envelopes are everywhere, big, small, wide, narrow or window faced. Some you dread to open while others are full of excitement and wonder.  Envelopes contain, conceal and communicate. Even the Words that Shine blog was developed from opening the envelope of possibility.

Envelopes are life itself. The earth is enveloped in its own atmosphere. A foetus is encased within a membrane, so are your body’s cells. Your personal magnetic energy field is an envelope as is your spiritual and physical body.

Some envelopes must remain sealed as an essential function to the life they nurture while other envelopes are designed to open and reveal their contents. So how do you open an envelope? Do you use a letter knife, a thumb or maybe being open minded to the living envelope?

Waves create their own envelopes

Even waves create envelopes

Your living envelope is unique and your development depends on what you do with your envelope. Most people are able to develop the how, when, why and with whom they choose to open and close their envelope. Some seal their envelope so tight that no one can pry it open, not even themselves. Whereas others may open their envelope to the entire world.

Opening your personal envelope can be very daunting because looking inside may or may not be what you want to see. Sometimes it requires someone else to help although that person can sometimes reload your envelope with their content which maybe good or bad. It is up to you to discern what you keep and what you disallow.

The Words that Shine challenge this month is for you to look at what type of living envelope you have created. Open the envelope, look inside, reflect, sort and develop your life’s amazing possibilities.

Living life with passion

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The Living Envelope — 6 Comments

  1. Wow Jen
    So what your saying is that envelopes surround us physically but also our non tangible envelopes of our thoughts feelings and we also have energetic envelopes.
    I love this idea and that all envelopes eventually need to be unwrapped – to open up to new like a bud opening to a flower. That is where the word DEVELOP comes from – it literally means to unwrap the envelope.
    Thank you again for a thought provoking and heart warming piece. I enjoyed it like a hearty salad. So nourishing 🙂

    • Thank you so much Terry you are absolutely spot on. Yes when you fully comprehend the living envelope concept it opens an entirely different envelope in itself on how we approach life. As you say like a good nourishing salad 🙂

  2. Every piece you have written so far is almost as if you are writing about my life over the past fifteen months. 2015 wasn’t a good year, every envelope I opened contained news all heart breaking. I hope I have a better 2016 and open envelopes containing something I can look forward to hold onto.


    • Thanks Tony for your wonderful comment and yes I do hope the envelopes you open this year give you heart because there are many more great adventures ahead of you.

    • Thanks Sim Yes a safe and healthy 2016 to you Sim.
      Love your favourite envelopes. Great stuff.
      I developed the living envelope concept from watching the waves create the most magnificent envelopes so once again mother nature has been my teacher and inspiration.

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