Embrace the butterfly change.

Welcome to the 52nd week of Words that Shine,

Words that Shine – 1 year on – What a ride we have had this last year, with many ups and downs. Life often brings changes of extremes anywhere from complete devastation right through to exhilaration. Creating the Words that Shine blog each week with uplifting and thought provoking messages has in itself evolved through the ability to grow with change.

Nature is characterized by change and often described as a metamorphosis. Consequently one can’t help thinking of the beautiful and humble butterfly. Why do butterflies have that special attraction? What makes even the hardest of people defy all logic to melt when they watch the beauty of the butterfly.

Could it be their sheer beauty, the delicateness, the metamorphosis, the sense of freedom?
Could it be the frenetic flight followed by the calm stillness or the light kiss of its tiny feet?

Yet the mighty caterpillar chomping through the leaves causes many a person despair.
And we are intrigued at the cocoon hanging motionless as a caterpillar pupates.
Then a struggle as the butterfly emerges to dry its wings and leave in brilliant flight.

What an amazing demonstration of change showing how your life grows. Building from each stage, the ensuing struggle brings depth, knowledge and brilliance like an emerging butterfly. 

I ask you to consider different aspects  of your life – Pick an aspect and replace it with images of the butterfly cycle – What stage of the cycle are you in right now and where do you want to be?

*note – you can click on the photos to enlarge them, then use back arrow to return*

I encourage you through Words that Shine to embrace the butterfly change with pride and determination, nature’s special flight.

Living life with passion


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