Life’s Continuous Force ‘The Dream Fountain’

Words that Shine welcomes you to the birth of the ‘Dream Fountain’. A Dream Fountain has a continuous flow to ensure a never ending stream of dreams to fulfil.

So what is a Dream Fountain? How does your Dream Fountain flow? What does a Dream Fountain achieve?

I suggest creating a  ‘Dream Fountain’. instead of a bucket list. A bucket list by inference is something you carry and endure before departing this physical world. 

A ‘Dream Fountain’ is a continuous flow of your ideas and aspirations.

The ensuing journey gives excitment and ultimate fulfilment of joy to each goal achieved as you pause atop the fountain’s crest, before the cascade of triumph into your pool of memories below. The gentle levelling of life’s continuous force feeds the flow of your next dream to fulfil.

Your life, your dreams, your fountain, your happiness.

What are your desires in life? What would you set out to achieve if you knew you couldn’t fail? What are the dreams and aspirations of your heart?

Words that Shine offers you the idea of a Dream Fountain  to run the race of your life – because at the winning post there is a ribbon that contains all your life’s journey.

Living life with passion

(C)Jenny Horn JLH 2014 All rights reserved


Life’s Continuous Force ‘The Dream Fountain’ — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Jen
    What a beautiful message and what a beautiful phrase.
    Dream fountain – I can see that phrase can outstrip and replace fully bucket list- bucket list is list to complete before one kicks the bucket as you said as if your carrying around the very bucket your going to kick like a heavy burden but dream fountain to me anyway implies a stream of ideas and states to be achieved as part of a natural process to stream off into dream land.

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