Depth and clarity of our resolutions comes from our ability to go beyond the symptoms.

Welcome to year 2014 with Words that Shine,

The new year begins with us looking forward to the promise of fulfilment as our new year resolutions, for a brief moment, take centre stage.

Some of our new year resolutions will sweep us to new levels of committment and understanding taking us from strength to strength. Yet other resolutions only make the third week or worse they don’t even get started. What is the difference? What makes a good new year’s resolution and what makes us achieve it? The resolution may have been a good idea at the time but does it deal with  the main cause of the situation or just the symptoms?

When we are close to a situation and totally involved in the circumstances, it is often hard to look at things objectively thus blurring what is relevant and what is not. It is also easy to lose connection if we become too physically or emotionally distant from the situation. Creating an environment to seek depth and clarity is an art form in itself.

Depth and clarity of our resolutions comes from our ability to go beyond the symptoms. 

Benjamin Franklin sums up resolution perfectly as the third virtue of his thirteen virtues.
‘Resolution- resolve to perform what you ought: perform without fail what you resolve’

Sometimes words are not enough – the photos below may help illustrate depth and clarity of our resolutions.

The Words that Shine challenge for this month is to re-examine our new year resolutions and goals. Do they go beyond the symptoms to the root cause of the situation? If needed, rework them and strive to honour Benjamin Franklin’s third virtue.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy year

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Depth and clarity of our resolutions comes from our ability to go beyond the symptoms. — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Jenny
    My resolution for this year is to take a step back and get that clarity just like your photos demonstrate! Once again your message has spoken to me. Thank you. Gena x

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