Controls: love them, hate them, negotiate them, live them.

Hello beautiful person, yes I mean you, you look fabulous today, ah stop there, no negative thoughts. Look in the mirror, smile and see the world smile back. 🙂 

Remember making decisions as kids using the hand game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Rock blunts scissors, paper wraps rock, scissors cut paper.  I was thinking, if the rock crumbles then it would not have much affect on the scissors and if the scissors were too blunt to cut the paper and the paper becomes all crinkled and damaged when wrapping or capturing the rock.

In a light hearted way this is a demonstration to show the assumptions, rules, acceptances and controls like many that are displayed throughout life.

Controls: We live in a world of controls – which are absolutely necessary for the existence of the world. For example if we didn’t have gravity – I would weigh less 🙂 but then we would be floating all over the place. We need the Good Pressures of the world to keep us together.

Recently I purchased  a new phone and after experiencing some challenges with it, I was prompted to write this blog. Although the phone has every conceivable app you would want – videos and voice messages have difficulty in communicating with another brand of phone — Phones are for communication – are they not? Wrong! They are for making money and creating a monopoly in the market place for that particular business while not necessarily providing the best communication for ALL phone users. This is only one example of the many businesses, governments and religions who demonstrate their need to create monopolies, yes even in a democracy.

But don’t stop there lets look at the grass roots of control, Relationships. 

A healthy and vibrant relationship has empowerment as the fundamental principle that moves with the tides of necessity, to stimulate and encourage.

Through the empowerment of each other we can transition appropriately into different situations. Working together in leading, following and negotiating we bring depth and strength to the relationship. It is all about balance and moderation through acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses in ourselves and each other to harness this powerful essence for the good of all.

Below are my own interpretations of nature’s empowerment.

I challenge us to look at the controls in our lives and ask ourselves a couple of questions – Are these controls damaging or enhancing? Do these controls encourage empowerment?

Using the Words that Shine experience I encourage us to embrace the art of  balanced empowerment and be rewarded with life’s fulfilment.

Living life with passion


(C) Jenny Horn JLH 2013 all rights reserved



Controls: love them, hate them, negotiate them, live them. — 2 Comments

  1. Wonderful thoughts and words and pictures.
    Such glorious pictures.
    The balance between Control and free flow spontaneity
    Like a hose- too much control and the water is choked off –
    if not enough healthy control and it doesn’t mount pressure nor go anywhere. It becomes a puddle of water. Almost like there is no hose at all.
    Also who is creating the control and why- who’s Agenda is operating – Gods will? ego? creation of harmony? Higher learning for soul and spirit or negative dark self like a death trap?
    Such interesting thoughts
    Thank you words that shine and Jenny

    • Hello reader of Words that Shine,
      You are absolutely right, I had lots more ideas like you said such as ego and spirit but didn’t want to make the post too lengthy. The blog has done exactly what it is meant to do, to get us to think and question what is – and hopefully empower and inspire.
      love Jenny

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