Choose your frame wisely

Why do we use the term “Frame of mind”?

Have you ever wondered why people perceive things differently?
Artistic view through steel cutout of Queenstown, TasmaniaIs it our values, our culture, our expectations, our sense of purpose, our religion, our morals, ethics and so on?

Our Frame of Mind is the gateway to our reality?

Do we look from behind the frame?
Do we look from in front of the frame?
Do we look at the frame?
Do we look past the frame?
Or do we look to the road ahead?


 Choose your frame wisely                    

Guard your mind with intent
For your frame of mind
Is the gateway to your reality

Yes choose your frame wisely

As it will enhance and build
Or distract and destroy
The choice is always yours

So choose your frame wisely

 Lyell Hwy into Queenstown, Tasmania


Photo – Lyell highway leading to Queenstown.
Situated in the Queen River Valley on the west coast of Tasmania.Population of about 2500.


Nature's Window, Murchison River Kalbarri NP, Western AustraliaNature's Window, Murchison River Kalbarri NP, Western Australia

 I hope I have encouraged all of us to be mindful
on how we colour and perceive things in our everyday lives.
photos left – I have also included another beautiful
part of the Australian landscape as yet another
example of framing.


 Murchison River Kalbarri NP, Western Australia

Nature’s Window,
Murchison River,
Kalbarri National Park,
Western Australia

love Jenny

 (C) Jenny Horn JLH 09/06/2012


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    • Hi Yvonne
      Thank you I am glad you enjoyed and related to my analogies of the photos. And I certainly love showcasing Australia with my verse.
      love Jenny

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